Dutton Speedwords lessons and dictionary (compact size)

I have wanted to learn some kind of shorthand for a long time, but learning real "secretarial" shorthand takes years of work. It's like learning a new language, from what an expert tells me.
A little while ago I found an alternative. "Dutton Speedwords," a system developed by its namesake back in the 50s, is an alphabetic shorthand system. I found some quick lesson material (a crash course, really) and a fairly extensive dictionary translating speedword constructions into their plain-english equivalents. I used the latter to make a to- and from-speedwords translation dictionary, and the former I just formatted in a style similar to the DIYPlanner widget set. The lot is presented here in one lump of a PDF, all formatted in the 4.25x6.75" size. I haven't bothered with a screenshot here for two reasons: first, my screenshot utility was only installed on my other computer, which recently bit the dust. Second, a translation dictionary isn't terribly photogenic. That's what this file consists of: pages of instructions, and pages of word translations. Download it and see if Speedwords is right for you!

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The pages are formatted as regular planning pages, with a front and back to each. I just printed them straight out, which was relatively easy. Then I hole-punched them and put them in a compact binder.

If you want a larger (or smaller?) size, e-mail me at the address given in the file, or post a comment here.

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Hope my reply doesn't come too late..

Hey, I was wondering, do you happen to have this in a 8x11 paper size?

I'm totally interested in learning this, however, I'd rather carry around a "bulkier" version that takes up a bit less paper =)

Dutton Speedwords list

Below is a link to a plain file of the Dutton Speedwords dictionary. Format it any way you like.


Thank you very much!

Thank you very much!

This link doesnt seem to

This link doesnt seem to work for me.
Great site thank you