Look, just sell me the binder and nobody gets hurt

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I did that..


I bought a planner just for the binder back in October. It was an undated model. I am actually finding a use for some of the paper stuff that was in it, though. The holiday list in particular is going to help with the dated daily pages I'll be generating. The rest of the forms help me identify things I don't like so I can fix them in my own forms. :)

The planner was classic size, not sure if it's leather or not anymore, with an exterior fabric pocket for PDA, cell phone, and pens. It's now also been modded with a pair of grommets so I can attach a carry strap to it.


Me Too

I bought a cool simulated distressed leather classic size binder from Daytimer back in September because I liked the way it looks and feels. Alas, I switched back to pocket about a week ago, so now my cool new binder has joined the "discard heap" next to my filing cabinet.

Don't despair

Don't despair, Roberto, when you switch back in a couple days or weeks, you'll be able to use your nice daytimer binder again!


Clearance aisle!

Keep an eye on the clearance aisle at your local office supply store as we reach the new year. They often clearance last year's planners, and you can get a whole planner for $5 and then scavenge what you want out of it! (Yes, I have done that.)