Circa Pocketster: A Business Card Sized Planner

I've taken my obsession with business card size to new levels of hackitude and created a circa-bound "pocketster"! I've got pictures here on my website. I made several templates (in Microsoft publisher) and print them on business card stock. My schedule is weekly on two pages in landscape format. Other templates are vertical - grid, lined, mindmap, next actions, projects.

I also found "card bleachers" at Staples - cheap plastic business card holder, but it works. It's shown in the photos too.

I'm having way too much fun!

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that kicks ass, props for all your hard work, and miniature hand writing, genius.

20/20 Vision?

You must have impeccable eyesight to use that thing!!



I don't actually write much smaller on this than I would on any other format, I just write less and use a lot of abbreviations. It's kinda fun to push planning to the (micro) limit.


I like the cover

What did you make it from ? It looks great.


Before Levenger started doing Circa, I had already discovered Rollabind, and had gotten several notebooks with plastic covers. I cut one of them down to make the covers for my pocket planner. I wanted heavier weight covers than I would have been able to punch though.


Pocketster v2.0

I've made a few changes and additions to my Palm Pocketster:

I added Circadex covers, larger circa rings, better dividers, and a pen holder for the Silvertini pen. (I also have been playing with my templates.)

To make the dividers, I cut pieces of different colored plastic out of dividers intended for a letter-sized 3-ring binder. I made the pieces a little wider than the cards, and staggered their lengths. Now I can just (usually) feel with my fingers for whatever divider I want, grab it on either side, and flip open my Pocketster to the right section.

I made the pen holder out of a drinking straw that I cut to the right length and taped to the edge of another piece of plastic using clear packing tape.


Totally rocks. I wish I

Totally rocks. I wish I could mini-size; it's nice to know somebody can.

Extreme Planning

Yeah, it's called "Extreme Planning"!! I think we should start a new reality tv show! LOL.


It's easy when you know where to look

Here's two possibilities:
The Atoma note-size notebook is business card size or you could use the CircaDexâ„¢ Pocket Address Book

...and you can buy refills for either