BARGAIN ALERT !! Zippered Hipster-size Leather Organizers for $5 with free shipping !!!!!!

I found THIS while surfing.

black only, 3.25'' x 5.25''
Black or brown leather, or 3.5'' x 6.0''

Free shipping for orders over $15

Order quick !!

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I got 2 of each !!

2 of the smaller black ones, one brown and one black of the larger


BTW, I have lots of stuff like this that I have been buying for DIY-testing/experimentation. I plan to write up some article material and then sell off all the extra junque at no more than my cost plus shipping. I'm more interested in sharing and cleaning out my desk space than turning any kind of profit on this.

Stay tuned for my "Garage Sale". It should be between Christmas and New Year's

You're copying me!!!

I placed the same order.


I was there first :P

That would make you the Copy-(Shutter)-Cat ;)

Rhinoskin Hipster Pocket

Looks great. This seems like a classy way to contain the hPDA and store a pen without having to clutter the device itself with straps and loops.

[I think the link moved]

Rhinoskin correction

After further inspection, this link wasn't for the leather version. It still seems like it might work pretty well, but it isn't the value of a $5 leather case.

ygor - Is the leather version still around?

The Leather Version

With or without the chromed chains ? :)

Seriously, it looks like they ran out, but I snagged two of each. The smaller one fits 3x5 cards perfectly.

I have yet to measure the larger one, but I suspect it might fit the Personal/Slimline size Filofax page (reference: Paper size: 6 3/4" x 3 3/4" with 6 holes)

I'll let you all know when I measure it.

Also, as I have stated elsewhere, once I decide what I will use for myself, I will be putting the rest of my goodies up on the Bazaar

Universal ClipPak Case

I snagged two of each of these as well.

I will have to take some pictures to post. It is a pocket on a belt clip with a velcro flap over the top. I agree that it would be a nice way to carry a Hipster.