Hipster Portrait Forms

A few forms for the hipster, in Portrait orientation. Includes a Schedule, Task Plan, What/Where/When, and an untitled ruled card with a grey column on the right.

Paper size: 
Index Card (3 x 5)
Usage advice: 

These are a few forms I've been fiddling with. They're for 3x5 cards, but they'll scale to 4x6 just fine.

Line spacing is .20 inch, wider than the standard DIY hipster forms.

I use the schedule and task plan back-to-back. One of these per day shows me what meetings and appointments I have as well as my intended (but unscheduled) actions for the day. There's a spot for a time estimate on the Task Plan, so you can calculate just how many things to put on the plan based on how much time you have available.

The What/Where/When card is my new favorite. It's incredibly versatile because the title bar includes a prompt for what it is, where it is, and when it is. The rest of the card is checklist-style. So this card could be your meeting agenda/notes, a shopping list, brainstorming for a project, or a bundle of notes from a conversation. The last slide, the one with no title, goes on the back of the what/where/when card for overflow. I only use the back for meeting notes, generally, so there's no boxes on the ruled slide.

The PDF is in the zip, as is the Draw file. So you can just print or you can tweak the forms.

Public Domain
Applications required: 
PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview), OpenOffice.org
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I like these templates

shris, I really like these. I like the wider line spacing, and also it prints better on my printer than the hPDA standard forms, which come out very faint. (I'll see if I can adjust my print settings and make that better).

Got any more of these?

Glad you like it.


I made the same basic forms in landscape hipster, previously posted with a few other misc bits as well. I have also created these four and one other, a blank Month template for mail-merging, in Quarter-Letter size (4.25 x 5.5) which I'm currently binding up in Rolla rings. The Quarter letter stuff is available with a fat left margin or a fat top margin (two separate files), but I haven't uploaded this yet.

I find that the what/where/when card serves most of my purposes--including project lists, shopping lists, meeting notes, etc. On the Quarter Letter version I moved the shaded column to the left so it could be used like a Cornell Notes page if desired.

What kind of stuff are you looking for?


New template...

Something quite generic, but that will encourage me to be able to lay out my whole day on a card - a few appointments, tasks to do at work, maybe a slightly separate section for personal tasks or errands. I sort of need to be able to see my whole day at a glance or Bad Things Happen and I totally forget stuff... The What where when form is awesome, though!

I could print that or possibly a slightly modified version that has a few slots for time specific items (appointments) on color coded cards and it could truly be do-everything form.

I liked your "note to myself" one - the little bit of decoration was nice. I think, as I try out 3x5 again, though, I'm going to go mostly portrait.

Portrait forms


In the portrait package, Slide 1 (the first page) is intended for my daily (timed) schedule. I use a mail merge with this form to create one-page-per-day cards. The blank space at the top of the schedule is used for special reminders (birthdays, special events, important to-dos) and is filled in by the mail merge. On the back of the card, I print the "Task Plan" form.

In this way, I get a timed schedule on one side with an untimed to-do list on the other.

When I use the Task Plan, I usually put my work to-dos at the top of the plan, then leave a couple of blank lines, then my personal to-dos. I don't have too many actions on the list, most of the time, so the space works out.

The schedule card has 13 hours available, 7-8. Is this more than is actually required?

If you want a set of instructions for how to do a mail merge to print dated daily cards, I can come up with some. I use OpenOffice.org for my mail merge, but Word works just as well.


mail merge and stuff

I would like something all on one side of the card, so that I can see it all at a glance and not have to be flipping it over. Also, I don't need a very detailed schedule, I rarely have more than 2 or 3 time specific events in a day.

If I can get the diy templates to print more nicely for me, some of those will be fine.

I've downloaded openoffice and am starting the learning curve... never done a mail merge though...



Well, there could be two approaches using the two forms I've got as a base..

A schedule card with no times listed so you can use the lines beneath your timed stuff as to do list..

A Task Plan card that has, say, 5 or 6 lines at the top with no checkboxes so you can use that for scheduled stuff.

Either of those two approaches would be a very easy mod of the existing forms. Just delete some stuff you don't need and away you go.

Making something fancier, with separate areas designated for this or that, would take a little more effort and time. It would also waste a little more space. You'd have to leave some blank paper between areas to differentiate them..

I generally don't have much timed stuff either--I like to use the schedule to record what actually happened as well as what I predicted. :)