Monthy Calendar Generator

This excel file generates a monthly calendar for any month. Output is in A4 format, two facing sheets.

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See the ReadMe tab in excel for notes. The attached pdf contains a sample output for 2007.

This should be usable for other formats also.

Creative Commons
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MS Excel, PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview)
Monthly Calendar Generator.xls82 KB
Example 2007 Monthly 2sided A4.pdf59.37 KB
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Monthly Calendar Generator

This is fantastic - thanks

2008 calendar

How easy is it to create a 2008, Sunday to Sunday calendar from this template.
I have some experience with excel but i cannot figure it out.

Any suggestions would be appreciated.


I tried downloading this and changed 2007 to 2008 on the first page, and it looked like it updated everything. This was on Microsoft Excel. Not sure about OpenOffice.


it uses macro functions and

it uses macro functions and you don't need to update it for 2008. so, just let the time pass.

the dates are off when you

the dates are off when you change the years.

I didn't notice that at all.

I didn't notice that at all. I tried verifying your comment, but changing the years seem to work just fine.

Can't download the xls file.

Can't download the xls file. The pdf downloads. Is the link old, or is this still working?

Works for me

Try again
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