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A flexible timetable that can be adapted to suit Week Day timetables and/or cyclic ones. Loosely based on one that was in my school diary. Available in A4, Letter, Classic and A5.

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How to use: This Timetable has been designed for maximum flexibility and can be adapted for Week Day and Cyclic Timetabling. Fill in the heading for either Week Days or Cyclic School Days. Then, use a pencil to block out unused columns. In the “Period/Time” column, complete the number of periods for each day. There is allowance for up to 10 periods per day. If there are less periods in your school day, you can block out any unused lines remaining or use the extra lines to illustrate recess or lunch breaks, or extra curricular activities.

TO PRINT: A4/letter, print as usual. A5/Classic, go to File -> Print Setup and choose your paper size. It should work.

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