Inexpensive Note Card case from Target

Hey y'all,

I'm just getting into this index card thing and have been on the lookout for a card holder which isn't too big to carry everywhere. Last night while at target I found a paperboard holder for index cards which holds 100 cards and has 5 divers included for only $0.99. The only thing I don't like about it is that it has a snap enclosure, but that's easily enough rectified.

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i own this

i own this and love it. If you're not into the cardboard cover, you could always modify it by collaging art or colorful paper onto the outside as well.

or write inspiring quotes on it as well. :)


Photo Album


Target also has a cheap ($1.99) transparent plastic photo album. I bought four of them, Trying out 2 at the moment. They are disguised slightly with a striped or flowered card in the front and back covers, but the covers are actually pockets themselves and are transparent.

There are 18 pages in each album, so 36 slots on the interior plus the two covers. I've got my days (1-31) in one and my months, projects, and contacts in the other. I've made a collage of family photos for the cover of the months album, and I stuck the current month in the front of the 1-31 album.

I'm somewhat of a card pig, using a lot of cards for my stuff, but even so the two albums together total 4.75 x 6 x 1.5. If you're not as piggy as I, then you could probably use just one album, or even cut some of the pages out of one.

The album is designed for 4x6 photos. I printed my months out on 4x6 cards and the rest is all 3x5s just because they're easy and fast to slip in and out of the pockets, and I already have them around. The pockets open on the inside, not the top or the outside like some other inexpensive photo albums. So nothing drops out. The whole thing is quite light.

I am really liking this arrangement so far (as opposed to a classic leather binder with page protectors inside). It has much greater purse portability potential than a classic leather binder.

I might decide to use album #3 for my coupons. I tried #4 with cutouts in the pockets so I wouldn't have to remove the months before writing on them. I might still go back to that one, we'll see.

I also found a plastic index card box at Staples that has a snap closure, 5 transparent plastic dividers, and holds about 100 cards. I've got some spares in there at the moment, but I don't expect to carry it around. I recall it being a couple of dollars as well. It sounds quite similar to the paperboard model you're talking about. I've got the white (translucent) one, but it came in four or five colors, I think.

Target also has an accordion made of paperboard sized for index cards. I saw it in the notebook section next to other brown paper items. Didn't catch the price, though.