creative planner covers

Too thifty or embarrassed to be seen with an regular store-bought planner?

I'd love to see an article on fun and creative ways to carry DIY templates.

By way of example, I was just thinking about a gift a really good friend made me years ago. She had made a bunch of sketchbooks that were thicker than the average planner by having two holes drilled through some paper held together with nuts and bolts. The cover was cream card stock with a funky potato print of her own design. It was beautiful, so simple, and very cool. (It could have easily held templates that could have been taken out and replaced when needed.)


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Ooooh... just you wait

Ooooh... just you wait. Articles of this nature are in the queue. I do have quite a few ideas for cover designs as well as articles outlining how to make artsy planners.

Guess I know what next week's article will be about...hehehe

Beautiful Paper for wonderful covers.

People could make the most beautiful covers from any variety of wrapping papers or fabrics. I just came across these pretty paper notepads filled with small sheets of vintage paper on one good bumblebee, but there are a zillion cool designs out there that could be used to customize your hipster or planner and turn it into a work of art. Just a little contact cement and you are all set. with a beautiful ribbon (which could be attatched under the paper, or just loose) it could be the perfect gift, or how about a moleskine like elastic?

Or what about embossing?