Templates I plan to make (holidays and school dates) AUSTRALIA/NZ LOOK HERE

When I get a chance, I plan to make a basic public holiday and school term dates template. This will be A4/A5 and for Australia/NZ.
Anyone got any ideas for it?

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Hi Ajay

I started making one before i read your message (otherwise i'd have waited for yours :) ). I'm around 0.5hr away from finishing one, specifically for NSW School Holidays.
It is made to fit in my Day Timer Junior Desk size (ie 216mmH x 138mmW). However, it can be printed A5.
It displays 2mnths per page in a box calendar format (week commencing Monday).
I can upload PDF later today.


cool. I havent made mine yet, so I probably wont end up doing it. I made a school timetable, assessment tasks planner, music practice tracker, and a textbook hire sheet.
If I do make one, mine would probably be heaps different to yours anyway because I'm a Qlder!
Where in NSW are you from?