Templates for families with children

I had thought about doing something fun with icons for magnets for a family schedule/daily routine to go on the fridge. It will be a while before I can get around to it, so I won't be hurt if someone out there would like to run with this idea. (I'm sure there could be a lot of creative interpretations.)

Also what about folded templates for children to carry emergency numbers, notes from mom and dad, etc... Maybe accordian style?

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Sort of along those lines....

Robert K Brown has some ideas about a kidster PDA

Other ideas that would fit the Hipster format:
Puzzles (cut 'em yourself)
Various board/card games (Old Maid, etc...)
Coloring book pages ('tho I personally don't like 'em)

I'm thinking of stuff to that I can easily carry that can amuse bored kids..something that I am quite aware of.


Link to the Hipster (which has several games)

John didn't promote the fact that his Hipster has several games already (towards the bottom)...


And some more cards in his blog...