Idea for binding Hipster PDA

I'm new to Hipster PDA land, so pardon me if this idea has already come up and been abandoned.

I've seen a bunch of different ideas about how to best bind a Hipster PDA. Everything from paper clips to split rings to staples to bulldog clips. I tried most of those as I put together my own version today, and none really seemed right for me.

Anyhow...what's working for me right now is a simple bead-eye chain. I punch holes in all of my cards and then just thread the chain through it. The chain is small, flexible, opens & closes with relative ease, and allows me to thumb through, add, and delete cards pretty quickly. From a fashion perspective (if that matters to you) these chains can - with a little searching - be found in different colors and sizes as well.

Just a thought for those who haven't already tried it. Also, I keep my Hipster in one of the leather Covey notepad wallets, and the chain curls up nice & tight inside of it, allowing the case to close much better than it could with any of the other binder options.


- Mark

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