Business Card Cases - Crayon Box Style

Two boxes for holding business cards or credit cards. One holds about 30 business cards, the other holds about 60 business cards. These boxes require a bit of glue to hold them together.

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These boxes are good for purse organization as well as mini-hipsters. They hold credit cards or business cards as well as business-card-size-hipsters. Use different colored boxes to differentiate different types of cards--medical, membership, punch cards...

Print them both on heavy cardstock--I used 110lb Card Stock, not the lighter weight Cover Stock. Do them both just in case you decide you want a bigger or smaller box once you've finished folding one.

Cut out the whole thing around the outside edges. There are four little spots to make additional slits, these are marked with arrows and instructions on the template pages.

Score the creases with the dull rounded edge of a butter knife. Use a ruler to guide the blade in a straight line. This will make the folding easier and cleaner later on. Trust me, you want to do this step.

Glue the long trapezoidal tab to the inside of the fat rectangular tab on the opposite end. This will form a tube. I used glue stick for this. Double-sided tape would probably work also.

Fold in the little side tabs on one end of the box and tuck in the rounded tab. Then put your business cards into the box and close the other end the same way.

If you want greater security than just tabs and slots, you can use binder clips on either end of the box to make double sure it stays closed. Ribbons and rubber bands will also work just fine.

Some options:
* You could maybe punch a small hole in one corner of the box to add a ring to it so you could attach it to a keychain. Not sure how this would work long term, but you could try it.
* You could add a pen loop on the side of the box by adding a two inch by one inch rectangle to the box template and forming it into a loop with glue.
* You could cut some small diagonal slits in the four corners on one side of the box to make a 'jotter' arrangement for a card on the outside of the box. Just don't get them too close to the edges. :)
* You could add a 'hang tag' to one short end of the box by adding a one inch wide tab along the edge of the fat rectangle, folding it in half (glue it down), and hole-punching it. This would probably work better than hole-punching through the body of the box.

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