Daniel's Pocket Organizers

Well this is two little organizers I made when I couldn't find an organizer that suited my needs. I basically just replicated the size, feel, and design of a moleskin notebook. My girlfriend took a book making class so she walked me through the steps of creating my little books. I designed the pages in Adobe InDesign which allowed me to print the pages in the necessary order to make the pages all flow perfectly. Thanks to all those who designed templates here, I did like them, however I decided to design my own after being unable to squeeze the templates found here to the size I needed. As you can see I used two different types of leather, one wrapped better than the other, but both held up very well during the month's I used them. The bookplate you see on one of them is a bookplate I found in one of my fraternity's old pledge manual. I printed the whole project on my Epson R340, and then had to cut, and then stitch together all the pages. I was going to make one for each month and then make a slip case for them at the end of the year, but I bought a new MacBook and I've been using iCal ever since! I plan on going back to building/designing these again once I figure out how to get my iCal data out and into InDesign. Average time to take actually print, cut, sew, glue, and bind the books was about 4 hours. Design of the pages was more like 2 weeks!! Please leave me comments & ideas if you have any!!!

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These look great! Do you

These look great! Do you have more detailed images of you design and books?


this is really nice, the process to make these would make a great instructable.

Can you reccomend a book for

Can you reccomend a book for bookbinding? I have been wanting to do this, in fact, I would ideally like to have my pages "moleskinned" instead of thos ring binders and things..