Homemade double pen holder for binder

I took a heavy piece of cover plastic and cut it to the size of my binder pages, but made it about 3/4" wider than the pages themselves. Then I cut a slot in it and sewed a piece of wide elastic through the slot, in a sort of figure 8 shape to hold my multi pen and my multi-colored highlighter pencil. I punched holes in it, and I put it about in the middle of the binder. When the binder is closed, the extra width of the plastic lets the pens ride just inside the edges of the binder itself without scrunches my pages.

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curiousity wins again

What kind of multi pen is that? Would you recommend it? :)
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5-way multipen

Yes Sara, I would recommend this pen! It has four ink colors plus a pencil. The ball points are fine point, which I like. The plungers work easily, as well.

I got this pen from Jetpens.com. They have blue and white. Jpens.com has them in metallic silver and blue. You can also order refills at Jpens.com. However, Dr. Grip refills will work; you just have to trim them down to the right length. A pair of scissors will do the trick.

Pen Holder

Simple and intelligent solution to many problems, well done and thank you! I copied your idea but extended the plastic at the top in order to add a further implement.

Pen Holder

Bump Bump. Everyone should make one of these!
Thanks for sharing!
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