Just a little bit of housekeeping here. Since our launch yesterday, we've been watching the logs and fixing little errors as they occur. So far, so good, but please contact me if you notice any errors, including broken links, missing images, non-working news feeds, and strange formatting (like almost-illegible text).

Regarding our template directory, I'd please ask folks to only submit their own templates and sites. This is our policy, since the people who create the entries also have the ability to modify and update them, and it's not fair that someone besides the owner has that power.

I've been watching this site slowly climb up with some degree of amusement. Would user "teufel" please change the name of his or her bookmark so that we are not coming soon? ;-)

And finally, thanks to the many readers who sent me the link to PocketMod. I'm evaluating the system, along with a few booklets I've printed out, and will probably post a little review here soon.

Tomorrow, a major D*I*Y Planner template release: a new calendar package, followed soon thereafter by our first-ever letter-size templates. Stay tuned!

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