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How do you keep your organizer at hand?

One of my big organizational challenges comes from the fact that about 90% of my work outfits have no pockets. None. Zip. Nada. You have no idea how much I envy my male colleagues. *They* get pant pockets and shirt pockets and lots more if they wear jackets. :)

Yes, I have a purse. But who wants to have to carry one around ALL the time? Mine is mostly locked into a bottom drawer while at the office. I've been trying to think of a good way to have an index-card sized organizer available to me all the time WITHOUT having to tie up a hand.

So far my best idea is create a 'pocket' or 'mini-purse' that I can wear with any outfit. Just a simple pouch, just big enough to hold a few dozen index cards and a pen slid in beside them. Another idea is to sew my own organizer 'booklet', something that opens up to show index cards on both sides, with a storage area for more. If I go with that, I'd probably add three loops to the open edge, one on the front cover, two on the rear, staggered. Then it would be held closed by slipping a regular pen down through the loops.

Regardless of format, I'd add either one grommet at the spine (for the booklet) or two (at the corners of the pouch) and then I hang it from a swivel hook...on what, though? Some sort of lanyard, I guess, but I really don't want to wear it around my neck. (I'm busty.)

If my outfit has a belt, I guess I could use a really short lanyard and tie it on to the belt. That would work okay for the pocket version -- just pull out the cards and pen to write, then slip them back in. OTOH, with a booklet form, it would probably be rather awkward, taking it on and off the belt all the time.

And, a lot of my outfits don't have belts, or unsuitable ones, anyway. What then? Wear a lanyard around one shoulder? Cross body? Both seem unfeasible.

Another thought I had was to get a pair of decently ornamental pins, probably plain gold, and simply pin the pocket to the outfit of the day. This would be okay for sturdy fabrics, not good for anything light weight/open weave/knitted.

Before I head out to reinvent the wheel, I thought I'd ask to see how other women have dealt with this.

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No solution here..


I don't have the same issue, wanting to keep a binder but not carry it. I have a problem wanting to keep the binder with me when I'm shopping yet not wanting a giant piece of luggage strapped to me.

Anyway, here's a thought.

I just posted a hipster carrier. If you can sew, you can make one out of fabric & velcro or snaps and add wrist straps. You could make it into a gauntlet kind of thing, two straps to hold it on your forearm, or just one strap for a wristlet. That would keep it out of the bust area but still allow it to be 'worn' rather than carried.

Consider the use of a long thin scarf to tie your case round your waist, if your outfit doesn't have a belt. It's still geeky, but I'm with you on the busty thing.

For my work, I plonk the binder on the desk and it pretty much stays there all day long. If I have a meeting I could either take a handful of cards or take the whole binder, depending on what's being discussed. I have more problems with wanting the whole binder with me while shopping or at appointments.


Pocket envy

Yes, I also envy my coworkers, who have pockets, belts, beltloops, etc. I am fortunate in that I can usually wear pants that have front pockets, so I can carry some stuff there. The 3x5 items are really a bit big for the front pockets, so I'm looking for a business card sized "mini pocket briefcase"... but that's another thread.

Over the years I've tried many things. I've punched holes and added a thin shoulder strap to my binders and worn them like a purse. Or I've added a wrist strap to a binder. There was a time when I used one of Ameribag's mini Bagletts and carried it around with me.

I'm afraid I don't have a tried and true solution, though. Sigh.


Possible solution....

One possible solution is to graft a cellphone-style beltclip onto a small phone carrier and clip to your waistband. Most of us are used to seeing people with phones clipped to their pants or belts or pockets, so a small pouch with a few Hipster cards and a small pen should not draw untoward attention...

Phone Beltclip - I like!

I am thinking I really like benjo's idea. If you could sew your pocket or attach it to a beltclip it would be absolutely normal looking since there are so many people carrying pda's, phones, etc. Or, is there a pda case that has a belt clip that you could use to hold index cards and a pen?

For dresses... Well, that is a whole other problem and I cannot think of a solution for that except for tying a scarf around your waist or something like that.

Whatever you end up making, please post a picture as you have a great idea here!

Happy sewing,
nay nay

Palm V Belt Clip

After reading this thread, I dashed down into my basement to check if 3 x 5 notecards would fit inside my old Palm V belt clip case. Darn close! I'd have to trim a quarter inch off of each card. Hmmmm.....

Rhinoskin PDA clip case

I've got one of these Rhinoskin cases and I think it would work fine for a hipster case. The size is right, anyway. I am able to fit 100 cards in it and still get the velcro to catch, although it's a bit of a stretch. It has a pen holder on the side and a couple of little business card sized pockets on the front under the flap. Belt clip on the back. And on sale now for $4.95.

Here's the link with more photos. Looks like it's being phased out.


pocket with flap on the back?

Thank you, guys, for the great feedback. I had another idea last night -- what if I sewed the pouch with a 'flap' on the back, close to the same size?

If I'm wearing a belt, it can go between the pouch and flap, and if a two-piece outfit the flap can go over the waist band of pants/skirt. Either way, I then pin just the back of the pouch and the flap together, possibly with the fabric of pants/skirt sandwiched in between. If I make the flap of sturdy material, it would take the majority of the pull from the pocket, and should (hopefully) keep from tearing/pulling the fabric of the clothes.

Or...Binder clips along the top edge, that is, the folded over pouch/cloth or belt/flap sandwich? Though that would be really geeky. Maybe get ridiculously flashy rhinestone pins and make the pouch out of satin or something -- go for the in-you-face fancy look instead of trying to be inconspicuous.

Actually, given how simple the pouches are to sew, I could easily whip up a slew of them and try to start my own style statement.

Which only leaves the problem of my beltless dresses. Hmmmmmm.

The Lara Croft Look...

Following on from Benjamin post, have you seen the Krusell Multidapt range? VortexClip, Phoneholdic kit and Arm Strap. All very Lara Croft.

...Alternatively I always think a golden cord worn with a black dress looks most elegant and we would love to see a photograph. *cough* :)



If you do the 'flap' idea, put a couple of strong magnets in it--one in the pocket itself, and the other in the flap. That way you don't need to use pins to secure it onto a beltless pair of pants.

When I say strong magnets, I'm not sure that regular purse components would work--those magnetic snaps on a purse work good when they're in contact with each other, but not so good when separated. I saw a really good pair of magnets on a cheap binder at Walmart this weekend. It was a Franklin-Covey fashion binder, open with a magnetic strap closure. Those magnets were good.

The magnets would add weight, of course, but you might need a little ballast to balance the weight of your cards if you don't secure your bag with a closed loop or pin arrangement. You might also want to consider a stiffener of some kind in the back, so that the pouch doesn't sag at all when it's not quite full. I'm thinking the plastic cover of an inexpensive notebook, sewn in. But I'm guessing there are already better materials available at your local sewing/craft shop.



You could pin the flap with a nice piece of costume jewelry. If you use the kind of pin that is like a tie tack or even maybe a stick pin, you could reinforce the holes on the flap with grommets? I am thinking this would be very crafty diva in appearance.

And then of course we need some girly looking pages to go in that girly pouch!

girly kit

Is anyone interested in a kit that is more girly? Like with pastel backgrounds and the like? My all time favorite bought planner was the dayrunner poetica. I am thinking of using some of the dover copyright free images and making my own version. I was always adding my own notes in to my bought planner and then it didn't look very pretty anymore.

Girly or not..


I never really went for the girly stuff. Dispassionately I can look at the design and say it's well done and attractive, but most of the frilly or flowery stuff never inspires me with desire.

The other problem I have with the fancier designs is that they tend to be the same each day. Sometimes the commercial planners break them up by month or quarter, but you're still looking at the same picture every day for a month. This bugs me for some reason.

Besides that, my planner is shrinking down to index card size, so I don't have a lot of room to devote to anything but what I want to say. I find having pictures under my text makes the words more difficult to read (am I getting older, really? :) so I like a plain background.

Now, having said that, I like having color around. I especially like neon colors. So I print some of my forms on bright paper to make them stand out. Pastels are OK, but I find they look blah next to the neons. It's also expensive to keep a supply of fifteen different colors. :)



Did you see the forum discussion called BARGAIN ALERT !! ? They are talking about this type of item. Maybe this will work for you!

nay nay

Thanks for thinking of me!

Thanks for thinking of me!

I checked out the link, and they look very nice (and ridiculously cheap!) but I'd already found a great solution at a craft fair/antique sale just last weekend:

It's an evening purse from (I think) the twenties. It has a snap-frame top, and the entire body is made of a sort of 'chain mail' type stuff -- mostly silver, but some of the links are gold in color, creating a diagonally striped look. The handle is more silver chain.

The purse is just a bit larger than needed to hold 3X5 cards in vertical orientation. :)

The lining is falling apart, so I'm sewing up a new one, and will be sandwiching a layer of plastic inside as a stiffener, to keep the purse in shape whether or not there are index cards inside. And I'm going to have a jeweler split the handle, and add those 'tongued' hooks (like on dog leashes? I don't know what they are really called) to each end.

This will let me look the handles around belts and snap to themselves OR snap the hooks onto plain waistbands OR snap onto plain 'brooch type' pins for garments that don't allow either.

Anyway, I think the purse look really ritzy in a sort of non-frou frou and restrained way. I can't wait to get it into use.

Picture Needed!

When you are all done with it, can you post a picture? I would love to see it as it sounds perfect!

nay nay

Lobster Clasp


The tongued hook--a hook with an extra bit that forms a loop when closed--is a Lobster Clasp, I think.

This is similar to what you'd get on a necklace or bracelet. The ones on dog leashes have a slightly different shape, but a similar mechanism. It's generally a spring-loaded doohickey. Either there's a lever you push down the 'neck' of the clasp (dog leash), or you pull the lever 'out' away from the clasp with your thumbnail (bracelet) or thumbtip (necklace). In any case, when you're not fiddling with it, it's a closed loop, and when you're manipulating it, a small part of the loop is open to permit you to attach it to something else.

former beader

I Am Wear a Dress to Type This...

... but enough about me. Have you considered a silver châtelaine pin?

forgot english there?

hey Sard...

did you forget how to speak english when you got into that dress to type what you wrote? And is there anything else you won't stoop to do to get a post on the forums?

*giggles, ducks away and runs*

¿Que Está?...

Oh why did I party and post... By the way that was rhetorical. :D

PS Have you seen me limbo yet inno?

not yet

Are there videos online? Or have you paid good monies to prevent them from surfacing?


La Châtelaine...

Not anymore... However there is one of me wrestling with Santa. :D

BTW I stand by my suggestion of a châtelaine pin. I think they look very elegant. :)

Oh, they do. Look elegant,

Oh, they do. Look elegant, that is. The problem is distributing the weight of container/cards, that's why I plan to use a pair of bar pins AND use some sort of 'backer' on the inside of the garment, a small piece of cloth, something strong and tightly woven.

I know women used to hang little purses and needle cases and keys and so forth from these pins, but all I can say is the dresses they wore must have been woven from very much heavier wool thread. Nylon? Rayon? Silk? A single pin holding any weight at all would rip/tear/distort the material in no time. :(

How 'bout this

I've been lurking here for a couple months and joined some time last week.
When I came across this pattern this afternoon, this thread quickly came to mind.

Here's a pattern for a crocheted PDA case. Could easily be sized wider or narrower for your needs.


Welcome, pinkyreeny! That's neat, I like to crochet. It could be adapted, I am sure, for smaller object like cell phones, I would think.

For the hPDA, depending on how you bind your little Planner Friend, the corners of the cards and pages might catch on the stitches a bit.

more crochet

"For the hPDA, depending on how you bind your little Planner Friend, the corners of the cards and pages might catch on the stitches a bit."

Maybe an interior pocket or lining could be sewn so that the pages do not catch on the yarn stitches?

These would make great gifts! Good find!
nay nay