Compact (4.25x6.75) size dated daily notes pages for Dec. 2006

Dated daily notes pages with mini-calendars.

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I've gotten into the habit (being a Franklin Covey expatriate) of keeping my planner as a journal. So when I started using the DIY templates instead of those overpriced Covey things, I wanted to hang on to the two-pages-per-day format for my day keeper pages.

Enter the DIY-style daily notes. This is my second attempt at a custom form. It includes a mini-calendar on every page, and each page is dated. You'll notice that these forms don't perfectly match the style of the official forms, but they're close enough by my own comparison.

The procedure I use for preparing these pages is simple: print as many left-handed DIY day keeper forms as needed for the month, then on the front of those pages, print the daily notes forms from this document. (You'll have to use scaling on the official forms, as I haven't included those in this file. Fear not, I'm working on it.)

As noted above, these forms are made to cater to the "compact" size 6-ring users. The margins aren't terribly narrow, so you can probably fudge it with different page sizes (and you can always make them bigger with scaling functions.)

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