Printing on both sides of the paper?

How do you get acrobat to print on both sides of the paper?
I have a nice duplexing printer. I got the version 3 diy kit to print side by side on a sheet of paper, now I would like to say pages 80 and 81 in the PDF are the check register set for right side and left side binder.

I would like to print them on both sides of the paper, but acrobat seems to just kick them out on separate sheets. Es Oh Es?

Thanks for any help!


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Duplexing is part of the printer driver. So you should be able to print on both sides of the page using the Printer settings (not acrobat itself). This is accomplished from the 'print' dialog by pressing the "Properties" button next to your printer pick list. Somewhere in the many tabs in printer properties there will be a spot where you can tell it to print on both sides of the paper. It would be near the spot where you can decide how many document pages will be printed on one piece of paper.

If you can't find anything about printing on both sides of the paper in your printer properties area, you might check to see if there's a more updated driver on the manufacturer's website--or check their knowledgebase to see upon which screen the setting is found.


Duplex Printing.

Thanks for your reply.

I have the duplex setting in the printer driver set properly, as far as I can tell. Here's what happens.

WHen I tell it to print duplex from the standard kit, say pages 81 and 82 (the classic check register), no other settings. It will print the classic page 81 on one side, and 82 on the other. This would be fine, except for the waste of paper. What I would like to do is print 81 and 82 on both sides of the paper. When I set the machine to print two pages side by side, it will no longer print on the reverse of the paper.


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You need Duplex and/or Booklet


You should look for something called 'booklet' printing in your driver settings. The idea here is that the page setup in the document is 1/2 the size of the printer paper, so you'd be able to print FOUR pages (two on the front, two on the back) on each sheet of paper.

You'll have to experiment a little with which pages to print this way--you could try doing something like 81,82,81,82 in the "print pages" box, then set the duplex on and the booklet on. Or you might do 81,82 in the "print pages" box and 2 copies in the collating box..

Or, you could keep Duplex off, if you can't make it work with booklet at the same time when you only want to print two pages.. Just turn booklet on to get the two pages side by side, then flip the paper and run it through again.. That's the last resort, though.



I use the A5 2up version of the DIY core. Each page is A4, with 2 similar forms on each page. Odd pages have an extra left margin, even pages an extra right margin. I print in duplex to a laser printer (actually a large copier at work) using Adobe Reader with sizing set to none, and centering/rotating to none. I use a guillotine to separate the 2 forms. Works just fine for me.

(The same applies for the classic size)