another new diyplanner

Hi there! I've poked around this site a bit before but finally decided to give it a go. I've tried a variety of planning devices: Palm Pilot, toting a laptop around, plain college rule notebook, pocket calendars, and Franklin Covey planners.

I've realized that paper just seems to be much easier to work with than electronics for many things. I've tried all sizes of planners from the regular 8.5" x 11" size (way too big) to pocket calendars - which work fine until you have more than 2 things to keep track of for a day.

I've settled on Classic being the ideal size, but you just need to make sure you don't try to put too much stuff in it.

I do have a question: I've been trying to keep all my contacts in the Address Book program on my Mac. Any tips for printing that out and including it in my planning system?

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