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I'm new to this site and haven't really had a chance to play around. I found a calendar that will fit my needs but I have no idea how to print 2-up right hand margin GTD combo pages. Can someone help me please?

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Please be more specific

Before I can offer a helpful suggestion, I need to understand the difficulty you are having.

I think you are talking about these pages, yes ?

2 Up Printing


No it's this one.


Submitted by McHall on Sat, 2005-11-26 09:52. Time Management
Applications required:
PDF Reader or Open Office Draw 2.0

2006 Weekly Calendar with dates based on the 0.6 Widget Kit. 26 pages, Monday start, formatted for left side holes.

Creative Commons
Template Size:
Classic (5.5x8.5)

Usage Advice:

Order of Days:
Tue Wed
Thu Fri
Sat Sun

I print out 24 pages of a 2-up right hand margin GTD combo page, turn them around and print this calendar. After a bit of cutting and re-arranging everything is in order.

The source file for OpenOffice.org 2.0 file is also available below.

Attachment Size
2006_Weekly_Calendar_PDF.zip 1.02 MB
2006_Weekly_Calandar_src.zip 37.52 KB

left-side holes

It says these pages are formatted for left-side holes. So I think you should reformat them if you want your holes on the right. Or only use these, and don't print double-sided.
Maybe someone knows how to reformat, but there are no backsides here. You could have a look in the official templates, there might be something useful.