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I'm of two minds on the way I want my tabs for my binder. There are two basic choices, as far as I know..OK, three, now that I think about it.

  1. Buy printed and/or blank tabs from the companies that make this size planner.
  2. Make my own from cardstock so the tab is the same as the page itself--a 'self tab'.
  3. Use plain planner paper and stick self-adhesive, reusable tabs on the paper.

I really like the integrated look of self-tabs, but after studying some leftover tabs from a commercially-available set, I have realized they use regular paper stock and reinforce the tab with a plastic coating just on the tab part. This makes a lighter-weight tab page than the 'self' ones I've made from cardstock.

I could print whatever labels I require for self-adhesive tabs, I just think they're a bit ugly. They're very square and just cheap-looking, I dunno.

Buying tabs is kind of expensive, and nobody ever makes all the tabs I'd need, and hand-writing the tabs looks about as chintzy as the plastic self-adhesive jobs.

Am I just being a snob? What do you all use for your tabs in your classic size planners? Do you use any non-standard tab names?

My set would include:
Months (listed out)
individual project names (listed out)

Note: the 'reusable' section is for pagefinders that are customized with certain lists, such as travel packing lists, reminders about overnight visitors, hair appointments, doc appointments, etc. These items stick out above the page set so you can see them 'marching' toward you as the days draw closer. The 'recurring' set is for birthday lists, due dates for certain things, like car registrations and license renewals, and housework reminders that happen each week/month/quarter/year, etc.

Anyway, what kind of tabs do you use, and do you like them? Why?


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Buy blank tabs

If you buy something like the Avery tab dividers, the dividers come with a perforated card sheet on which you can use your printer to print out the tab labels. It looks nice to my eye (looks more professional than hand printing - and yes - we are being too fussy). And the commercial tabs - if you can find them in Classic planner size - are not expensive at all (Avery number 11102, C12095C, for example, available in my area from OfficeMax, but not Staples, next to the full letter size dividers.) In addition you can print out your own printed labels without their perforated dividers and templates - just use card stock or plain paper, your printer (fold plain paper to make it thicker), and scissors or paper cutter.

My tabs are non-standard and change from time to time: Notes (or Inbox), Monthly Calendar, Daily Calendar, Action Lists, Weekly Planner, Finance, Health, Projects, Someday/Maybe, Goals, Lists, Contacts, Reference.

Blank Tabs

If you get the kind of 8.5"x11" tabs you can trim them so that you get 8-10 tabs at the 5.5"x8.5" Classic Size.

Quoting from the DIY

Quoting from the D*I*Y Handbook -

"Optional: tabbed dividers You can buy some, or you can make your own. If you choose the latter, we can recommend 100-120 lb (220 - 260gsm) card stock and Avery self-adhesive Shield Tabs, such as the clear ones (37107) which retail for about $1.50 USD."

At the moment my tabs are a bit of a mess, As you point out Kristina, it is impossible to find just the ones we need so I use a mixture of homemade and Filofax tabs. Some are paper, however, I prefer the stiiff card ones as they seem to last longer. I used to add inspirational pictures to mine, however, I hope to write quotes, poems and recipes on the new batch, it is just a matter of finding enough time. Producing anything calligraphy like, is proving quite a challenge. I also use 'Post It' index tabs, to flag important or frequently used information needed between reviews. Well copies at 1.50 instead of 7.10 USD a pack...;)

If I remember correctly, the FC Classic size, monthly calender is printed on heavy paper dividers although I cannot see it confers anything on the system, the same idea could be used for A - Z Contact Forms saving a few ounces/grams.


I have a Shaeffer calligraphy fountain pen, and I keep it in my binder. I scribble all over my planner with it. Get a fine enough nib and you can do everything with it.

That's how I taught myself calligraphy. I bought the fountain pen, a fine point nib, and wrote EVERYTHING with it for three months. At the end of that, my handwriting with anything looks like calligraphy.

I buy the dayRunner page dividers, but only because they're already nicely lined for me. :)

Curly Writing...

Excellent thinking Cynthia. I will raid the pens shops tomorrow. Thank you. :)

I like these inkjet

I like these inkjet printable index tabs from Redi-Tag. They are fairly sturdy and you can print whatever headings you want, color coding if desired, or plain black. I like them better than those little card thingies that slide into a clear plastic holder as they always seem to slide out.