Holiday Planning Set

A set of forms to assist with Holiday planning, including Meal planner, Master Gift List, Holiday Planning Calendar, Weekly task forms, and forms to hold information about Recipients.

Paper size: 
Classic (5.5 x 8.5)
Usage advice: 

The Holiday Planning Calendar is designed to be an overview of which list to use each week leading up to the holiday season. Each year, write in the dates for that year, starting with the last week, the week of New Year's Day. Map the holidays you observe on the calendar. The first week on the chart will generally be the last partial week of October, and the last week will be the first partial week of January.

The six action pages correspond to the large gray words printed on the Calendar. So, the first week, you'll use the "Organize" list, the second week you'll use the "Plan" list, etc. These lists are the to-dos for each of six weeks you do the heavy prep for the holidays. There's room to add extra items if you have different/extra holiday tasks, such as charitable work, religious observances, etc.

The menu planner is a simple sheet for planning the menu of a holiday meal. You can use one or more lines for each dish to make sure you have all the right ingredients on hand. You can also remind yourself whether the dish can be made ahead, and which day you plan to make it. You can post the menu on the fridge on the big day so your helpers can understand the plan, too.

The Master Gift List is one-line-per-person. Include all of the people you plan to buy gifts for, or whose list you're on. There's a spot for writing down what they want, what you want from them (and whether you've given them that idea or not), what you'll actually give them, and whether you've got the item on hand, wrapped, or mailed. If you have a lot of folks to buy for, you can use separate forms for each branch of the family.

The "About Gift Recipients" forms (left- and right-hand pages) record basic information about these individuals' interests, sizes, pets, and any notes you want to record. You'd put on this list long-term info to remember, since the Gift List form has the spot for this year's particular ideas. So, for example, if sister Jane likes to belly dance, you'd record that here--but if she longs for finger cymbals, you'd record that on the Master Gift List.

I made most of the pages fat margin on the left just because it's easy. The source is included if you'd rather have some more right-handed holes. The PDF is in there too.

Public Domain
Applications required: 
PDF Reader (Adobe Reader, Mac OS X Preview), (to edit the templates)
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Holiday planners

Thank you shris for a very useful kit.

I'm not sure if I'll follow your suggestions on the organise card, but that's only because I'm aiming to have most of my holiday organising done by late November. (sad person that I am)

Hi Katrina You're not alone

Hi Katrina

You're not alone in early holiday organizing. I'm in the same boat myself. :)

I look forward to trying out the kit.

Holiday Planner

Altho it is only March, I just found your DIY planner and had to save it to my hard drive. It is great! Is there a way to customize some of the forms? Perhaps using a .doc file? Thanks for sharing your work.

Customize forms


You can customize the forms directly using's Draw program. This will allow you to edit the original files (in the ODG file inside the zip) once you've saved them.


Great Idea

I love your idea and I am glad you came up with it. You can bet I will be using them for Christmas next year!

Love these planners

I love these planners from organizedchristmas! I've used them for years. I now am no longer rushed at Christmas. Tomorrow is Rudolph's Day (25th of every month) so I'll be working on my notebook and watching a Christmas movie! Thanks for sharing.

Organized Christmas Planners

I love these planners from Organized Christmas, too. CEO does such a wonderful job organizing the planners and helping all of us have a less stressful and more enriched holiday. The miniatures created here mimic CEO's plans so well that they are great for those who need a miniature format. Good luck to all with Christmas planning! Thank you for sharing!