Re-covered DayRunner Binder

I sewed a new cover for my 1987 DayRunner binder.

Before and after pictures here:

It was that horrible "pleather" stuff and the closure tab had deteriorated after only a couple of years use and I'd repaired it with Rubbaweld tape. The repair bugged me.

I had searched in vain for the "perfect" replacement binder, but having forked out for the original kit and accessories such as the punch and extra envelopes over the years, and the planner manufacturers having decided to switch from 3 ring binders to those devillish 7 ring binders, I gave up.

The new cover was made by tracing around the binder, cutting and sewing. Materials used were a stretch poly-velvet fabric called "disco" (haha), clear tablecloth plastic, needle & thread and velcro dots, both for the closure and to hold the closure tab to the binder as it kept wanting to pop out.

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Love it !

The purple fabric and the pink Chuck Taylors both !
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Very cool. ~Cath

Very cool.


Very cool indeed

What size is it?

Planner Size

Sorry about the delay in responding, life got in the way :)

My planner is Classic / A5. I print on A5 or A4 and guillotine about 1cm off the sides to achieve the Classic paper size so the divider tabs in the planner stick out over the paper as they should.
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