Notepad cover pattern


Thought I'd post this. It's not new, it's been on the market for a long time I think, but I hadn't seen it before.

For folks who sew, it's a pattern for making a notepad cover with pen pockets and other pockets..basically a folio..



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Very nice

Lots of great ideas and resources on that site.

Thanks for the link.
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Patterns and Notebook Covers

Oooh, thank you.
I have been looking at making something like this for my small GTD notebook.
More inspiration!

There are lots of great free patterns on tipnut dot com for all sorts of things like composition book covers, notebook covers, notepad covers ... as well as links to free printables that can be adapted for use with GTD or Control Journal situations.

I just bought a round corner cutter (scrapbooking tool) for use with my planner, so my permanent pages can have nice rounded corners, lol.
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