First 'release'.

I've spent the last week hacking on my old form script and got it somewhat close to what I want. There's still a few features I'd like to add of course, but it works.

Take a look here for the web site dedicated to the project:

Experienced folks who can grab a Perl script are free to steal it and see what they can make it do.

And I've attached a sample output from the script. It is three days of personalized day sheets, and then a custom form I use for keeping track of my minions at work. The PDF was rendered at 3x5, but could just as easily have been on letter paper.

ash-journal.pdf42.24 KB
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"FRIST" Release, eh ?

Ribbing for the typo aside, that looks great.

I'm @ work now. When I get home, I'll post my test page so far. I'm shooting for a Hipster-sized version of the month-on-two-pages calendar.

Damn users...

Of course you would pick the one type of form I'm not sure can work on the existing time-management functions.

If the page is meant to be side-to-side, then you'll have difficulty doing it as it stands now. You can put '$DAY' as a content, and it'll print the day, and then set time_increment on the content object and it'll increment to the next day, but there's no easy way to show this on a side-by-side format, as the days are alternating on two different pages. What you'd probably need is some way to say '$DAY+16' and not actually have me increment the time, but just calculate a new one on the fly.

On the other hand, if one side of the card is weeks 1-3 and the back is weeks 4-6 (There CAN be 6 weeks in a month.) then you would be able to do this fairly easily, though I need to add a start_day option to the cli.

Feel free to open enhancement bugs on the Trac for all of the features you need for your layout. Either layout will need the ability to set the start date for the month or otherwise define a form as being 'monthly'.