Levenger Circa Products for Sale

I am switching to Moleskine products after investing waaaaayyyy too much $$ in Levenger Circa Products.

I have the following:

Leather Zip Folio in both Ltr & Classic size with Circa notebooks & paper discs, etc.
Lether Foldover notebooks in both Ltr & Classic size with 90 & 100 GSM Paper
Circa Punch
Extra Black and Aluminum Discs

I have no idea what to ask $$ so make an offer.



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More Info...

Can you provide information on the age and condition of what you have.
Is it in good shape, gently used, etc. ?

What size are the black

What size are the black discs and how many of those do you have?

What color is the classic foldover?

Is this the one with the discs on the outside or inside and can you post a picture? I'm interested in buying that if you still have it.