Holiday and Thank You Card Creation as Easy as 1-2-3

Since it is the Christmas season and there are several holidays available for celebration I thought I'd show you how to create some cards as easy as getting an image you like, choosing the right format, and sending out your custom made card!

Let's start with finding pictures.

Flickr is a great place to start with looking for pictures. In fact some Flickr users have released their images under a Creative Commons License, which allows you with proper attribution to use the image for your card, just put a small caption under the image when you use it. is a good source of stock photography which is free to use in your card. You need to create an account, but it is free.

The format of the card is another choice you will need to make. A post card (3.5 inches to 4.25 inches x 5 inches to 6 inches) is a less traditional, but less expensive to mail format. A good size for cards which fold over is 5x7. This means that you will get one card per letter size piece of paper. I have included Templates for both types of cards to give you a start.

The last bit for a custom made card is sending it out. If you are sending the post cards just address it, write your message on back place a stamp, and you are good. If you made the folding card you will need to make or buy an envelope, address stamp and mail.

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Sounds like fun

This would be good for invitations too