Levenger has a new punch ! Bigger than Desk, Smaller than Smurf-Zilla

Circa Leverage Punch

Price: $129
List Price: $139
Special Introductory Price - Limited Time Only
Pre-order Now for Early September Delivery

Increase your Circa Punch power by 150%
The Circa Leverage Punch is the ultimate Circa tool for those who rely on the Circa system to organize their lives. This heavy-duty Circa Punch provides the convenience of punching up to 15 sheets at a time almost effortlessly, making Circa organization easier and faster than ever. This powerful punch will save valuable time for avid Circa users.
Punches up to 15 sheets at a time
Designed with paper guides for all Circa sizes, from Micro PDA to Letter
Powerful lever technology makes punching almost effortless
Locking handle keeps it compact on your desk or in your drawer
Ideal for creating large quantities of reports for meetings and presentations
Powerful spring-loaded mechanism — handle with care
Easy how-to-instructions included
13 1/4W x 3 3/4D x 4H; 4.6 pounds

I am seriously considering this !

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i can believe that. you seem

i can believe that. you seem very dedicated to the system. and i have found the handle type paper punches to squeak less, which is all for the better. (yep, work with that stuff, lots of squeaky noises from staplers, punches, etc.)

Got one !

Levenger had a 15% off sale and that paid for the shipping and a few extra buck off the price.
I will post info after I have time to play with it.

First impressions: Not as sturdy as Smurf-Zilla. Less metal parts, more plastic.

But we shall see.
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Update? Pretty please.

I'm waiting with baited breath.

I have the original smurf-zilla. And this morning, when I went to turn a page in my junior cloth covered circa, and it tore out, I started fantasizing about the potential of the new version.