John Norris Hipster Stack

A series of templates designed to help organize, enhance, and put a little fun in one's life.

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Print the whole stack, or just part.

Categorization via the Meta-Line Organizer.

Designed for cheap (gray scale) printing.

Economical use of an 8.5 x 11 piece of paper. (Plus more room to write.)

* Blank.
* Grid.
* Checklist.
* Lined.
* Tear-away.
* Fold Up Cards.
* Dictionary.
* Rulers.
* Conversions.
* Star Chart.
* World Map with Time Zones.
* Chess and Checkers.
* Playing Cards.
* Go.
* Battleship.
* Sundial Day Planner.
* Morse Code and Semaphore.
* Staff (Music)
* Do It Yourself Art..
* Full Sheet.

Scribus source also available

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PDF Reader
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