Setting Up Some Kind of InterContinental Exchange?

I think it would be cool if we could have a continental exchange going on. I wonder how complex the import/export laws are, what other international roadblocks there would be, and if they would even apply to such a small operation. If we could set up ebay accounts, a simple website, or even a forum on this site specifically for exchanging D*I*Y specific supplies that are easy to find in one part of the world to people in other parts.

My fantasy actually is that two or more people would work together, one in North America and one in Europe, others in other parts of the world. They would search for really good prices on the items that are hard to find elsewhere (bulk, wholesale purchases?). Then those items would be sent to the key person in the area of the world where the stuff is hard to find, and people here at D*Y*I would be able to get the items they need relatively quickly from someone relatively local to them.

Ok - so there is a lot of business know-how that would be needed to make this work - but I bet there is someone on this site who knows enough about international business law, and several people who would be willing to act as distributors.

I've just noticed so many people posting about how hard it is to find hole punches that work correctly, paper or cards in the right sizes, binders, etc. Permission from and/or affiliation with some of the manufacturers of the hardest to find items might be a bonus.

Am I just having a wild dream here (as I'm apt to - thus the nickname "DremeMynd") or does anyone else think this might actually work? And even possibly be a small side business for the people involved?

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Might work

There are some issues with import from US to Netherlands that I know of (mainly tax), but they can be circumvented if you indicate the parcels as "gifts".

Some price differences between at least US and Europe are amazing. Look for example at Mac stuff - same price in dollars as euros - but one euro = 1,26 dollar.

I do not know any advantage the other way around actually. Anyay, if you need somehting from the Netherlands that you know is cheap I will gladly help in getting it arranged.

If I need anything I'll let

If I need anything I'll let you know. :)

Thanks for the input - import and export taxes would have to be considered if this were going to be a regular thing -

but if we're just friends from this website occasionally exchanging gifts, it shouldn't be a problem. :)