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A daily template with 15min segments and a "Preview the Day" & "Review the Day" Parts. This has really helped me manage my ADD.

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This is the second "version" of this template that I am posting. I was given this Daily "To Do" page from my ADD coach & I have refined it. It has a "preview" section. Sit down at the beginning of the day and plan what you are about to do. The day is broken down in 15 minute segments to help plan. There are 3 columns, "Personal", "Business", and "Actual", which is pretty self explanatory. At the end of the day there is a "review" section where you critically write down how you day was. This template REALLY helped me. I have added a "earnings matrix" on it because I am in sales and a "Expenses matrix" onto it aswell.
If you have any questions please email me on: and I will try to answer any questions.

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