Circa books/binding

I've noticed on here a few of you have found Rollabind/Circa books at Target but I can't seem to find them here in Denver. We don't have a Staples close by either so I can't check them out in advance.

How many of you use them? Do they hold up well? Are the punches from Levenger and Rollabind similar in quality? What about the discs? I love Levenger stuff but I don't lay out a mint just to bind paper.

Just curious what your thoughts were here.


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I have commented on the rollabind thread regarding some of this but apparently, Target only carried the rollabind books during back to school time but now no longer has them. I went to the two SuperTargets in my area and neither one had them and another poster in the Rollabind thread searched in Minnesota with no success.

I'd really like to see one of these books before buying all the gear. I hope somebody else carries them.

Rollabind Copy??

Found this Presentation Binder that seems to be similar to the Rollabind.

Chris Hughes


The Rollabind notebooks from Staples are not the same quality as Levenger, but they work just fine. I bought the portable punch from Levenger and a notebook from Staples. The discs seem to be comparable.

Have you checked the end of the aisles in the Target stationary section? That's the last place I saw the Rollabind notebooks (with the Clearance items). Unfortunately, I think even the clearance stuff is gone now...well, there's always next year!

-- LauraQ

Retail ? Where ?

I have yet to see any Rollabind, Circa, or Levenger stuff on a retail store shelf.

I'm in the Washington DC area. Anyone know of a retailler that actually carries it ? I have seen nothing in the local Targets and Staples.

Some Staples

It is odd. I was in one Staples, and they had several Rollabinds to choose from, and then I was in another and asked about it and they had never heard of them.

Images & Ideas: Staples/Target/Circa rollabind notebooks

I've checked several Chicago locations. I've also had no luck finding any of the Target or Staples versions of Rollabind notebooks.

( - And I work for Levenger, so I'm pretty interested in what these other notebooks are like)

The Circa notebooks should be easy - We are opening a store in your neighborhood [Tyson's Corner] in a couple of months. You're welcome to stop in for a free sample notebook when it's up and running.

The tricky bit is getting one of the Staples/Target versions. I agree with Laura and Pastor Scott; The notebooks are probably only seasonal products for these stores.

Nonetheless, it would be nice to be able to compare the systems first-hand. If anyone has done this with pictures, detailed reviews, etc., please chime in. By juxtaposing the notebooks' individual pros and cons, maybe we can come up with a better product.

Staples in NC has Rollabind

...saw them there late last week, as a matter of fact. There were a couple of sizes of notebooks, different color covers.. No punch that I could see. I opened one up and looked at the paper. It felt inexpensive. The cover was plastic, I think.

I've never seen a Levenger/Circa and had never seen this kind of product ever before, so I haven't got a clue how each would stack up to the other.


Review of Target Rollabind Package

I purchased both versions ("student" and "executive") of the Rollabind notebooks at my Target in Baltimore about a month ago. Both versions contained a notebook and junior (1/2 size) book. I mainly bought them because at $10 each I would be getting covers, dividers, and rings -- that was all I was interested in.

The paper, although similar in layout to Levengers, is very poor quality. I think a spiral notebook has a little better paper. The black covers on the "student" version was similar in texture and thickness to Levenger's clear plastic. The covers of the "executive" have a padded feel to them, but I was not really impressed with them.

All in all, I was not all that impressed with them and kinda wish I didn't buy them, but it was an impulse purchase.

I "discovered" the Rollabind products via Levengers. I own the Levenger desk and portable Circa punches as well as 2 of their notebooks and a couple of packs of different sized rings. What I do is make my own covers by purchasing vinyl or plastic report covers and cutting them in half with a guilletine (sp?) paper cutter. After some additional trimming, I puch the covers and off I go creating yet another notebook to hold printouts of documentation and other stuff I need for my job.

Can't wait for Levengers to open in Tyson's Corner -- I will make the 50 mile trip one way just to see it -- and take you up on the free notebook offer! :)

Free Notebook ?

You're welcome to stop in for a free sample notebook when it's up and running.

How does this work without abusing the system ?

Sampling in retail stores

We want people to try out a sample of our products and to experience the process of customization in-house. There aren't any catches. It's a promotion we are currently running in our retail stores very similar to practices used in the cosmetics industry. It creates an opportunity for customers to interact with the product before they dedicate themselves to it.

The benefits outweigh the abuse.

The best part of the experience is opening lines of communication with customers about how they take notes. Hence, my interest in the difference between rollabind systems is to determine what innovative notetakers actually want in a notebook.

jphowell: I hope to see you in Tysons. (You'll have to introduce yourself.)



Has Levenger foolishly decided to discontinue the Notabilia notebook? I've used them for years and love them. Frankly, I'd be lost without one, as I write in one several times a day. The Notabilia may appear to be little more than a gussied-up composition notebook, but not so: it's first-class and expertly made all around, and durable, too. Still more puzzling is the fact that the Notabilia leather cover is still available on, but their ever-helpful telephone customer service representatives indicated this evening the Notabilia notebook itself has "again been discontinued." This situation arose three or so weeks ago, too, but the notabilias briefly returned and were available in sets of two under item number ADS 1880 RL. While they were available, I ordered a dozen and gave away several as gifts to treasured friends. I would appreciate any information you can provide or uncover about Levenger's decision to (not) carry the notabilia. I'm considering the 7.5" * 10" Moleskine Cahier Ruled Journal as a replacement and to occupy my Notabilia leather cover. Vaunted though Moleskines may be, they're not Notabilias.


Me, too

I'm in the DC area.
Are you allowed/able to tell us when this Tyson's store scheduled to open ?

DC Area / Notabilia Notebooks

Ygor - Sure. We are looking at sometime in December. If you drop me an email, I'll send out an invitation. I hope to see you there.

Threedaysrest - The Notabilia notebook, including both ruled and grid refills, will be continuing products for Levenger. I apologize for the recent problems ordering these online and through the catalog. Send me a line as well; I might be able to help with your specific needs.

If anyone wants to talk about an issue or product that might not fit in the 'Circa books/binding' heading of this forum, just start a new one. I'm open to working with you - (let's just keep the general direction of the conversation related to notetaking, and open-ended enough for lots of outside input.)

Levenger @ Tyson's Corner - update

The word went out a few hours ago.

The store is opening tomorrow morning at Tyson's Corner. Both the Circa bar and Truewriter station will be operating. If you're in the area and haven't tested Circa yet, stop in for a sample.

Checked Staples too

I looked for the rollabind notebooks at Staples stores around my area (New Jersey). An old establised store does not sell the rollabind. However, a new one that opened merely a month ago (a week after an Office Max closed, hmmmm) does carry a good supply of the smaller size rollabind and refills for the notebooks. The website has the larger letter size notebooks. I have one Levenger Circa notebook, they appear to be the same systems, but the paper size is slightly different for the small size, but comptible (Levenger has better quality paper and is more expensive, duh).

Target's Rollabind

Target ran 2 Rollabind packages for the back to school stock season only. They went on Clearance in Mid Sept. and were gone since then. Very much a seasonal only item for Target. I don't work there, I just shop there too much. I have multiple Levenger circa items and have been buying them off and on for years now. There was nothing in this short run package from Target that Levenger neither had or would be worth duplicating IMHO. I wouldn't worry that you missed a great new idea moment or that you have any real competition for that product line because of that set. It was far from what I would call containing any better ideas. In fact, you don't want to duplicate that, as it would be a big step down in the quality of your Circa product line. What would be nice to come up with is a plastic sheet (like a circa divider) pre-punched and sized for Jr and letter Circa's that had pockets to hold 3x5 cards laid out in organized one page fashion like your new leather notebook folders costing $80 over $100 do. That would be a most excellent idea for us Circa/Hipster heads. Then we could do the same layout only by adding divider sheet to any existing Circa we have! That would indeed be a better product and a great optional add-on package for Circa.

Off the topic of Cira's, I would like to know why the Oasis pads don't come in assorted like all your other writting pads do. I got my first set (holder and pad) but don't want to test drive the other 2 styles offered by having to buy 3 of each to do so. Any chance of selling single refill pads or a set containing one pad of each style layout one day?

Thanks... Carla
I do whatever my rice krispies tell me to do.

3x5 holder sheets for Circa

;) It's on the way.
I'll post a reply once we have a drop date.

*Some neat things can happen when you combine index card portability with traditional planners using binding systems like Circa. I'd love to see how others are experimenting with multiple size formats in the same notebook*

I also think that a sampler pack of Oasis pads makes sense. I'll revisit this topic after I look into how long this might take to get going.

Thank you for the great suggestions. Keep experimenting!

My Circa note pad/DIY planner

I use this as my catchall notepad, ala GTD @lists. It originally was the Notepad, but I soon ran out of the pre printed cards and now I make my own out of notecard material, and I now have the leather address card cover keeping it all together. To do lists, gift lists, someday lists, wines to check out lists are all in there and get constant updating and rearranging.


Sampler pack of Oasis Pads

- Update - The sampler packs of Oasis Pads will be in the next catalog. They have already arrived and are ready to ship out. You can find them on the Levenger website if you search for ADS3600.

Thanks for the suggestion, and I'll let you know about the 3x5 holders.

Target yes, Staples no

I happened on the 2-pack at Target during the back-to-school period. None of my local Staples seem to carry any Rollabind materials.

The binding elements themselves hold up just fine, as have the plastic covers. I agree that Rollabind's paper is of very poor quality in comparison to Levenger's. It's so thin, in fact, that it leads to problems in actually moving one's papers around because the edges bend so easily. The calendar pages that came with the smaller notebook are cardstock, however, and perform as expected.

All of my punches are from Levenger, so I cannot speak to the quality of Rollabind's punching equipment.

Just out of curiosity, does anyone know if Rollabind licenses their technology from Levenger or vice versa? Or are they both licensees of Rolodex?

As I understand it, it's

As I understand it, it's Rollabind's technology, but they stick to the concept and the basics while Levenger transforms it into a truly superior product.

I have a Rollabind portable punch that works well, though I can't punch through as much at once as I would like - but thats part of the portability. I think the punches are identical, just that one has Levenger's logo and the other has Rollabind's.

The Staples product is CHEAP and very disappointing. Very. I didn't buy one, but I was horrified just flipping though the pages in the store. The rings are very cheap plastic and the covers... ugg. The fabric was just glued to cardboard without any real finishing, so it has a frayed look. Not to mention that half of the covers at my local staples were warped.

Happily, the binding disks that can be ordered online from Rollabind are much better plastic. I've ordered from them several times now and while their product is not as luxurious as Levenger's and I didn't get any shipping confirmation, my products arrived promptly within 3-4 business days.

Rollabind & Levenger

Can anyone out there give me a side by side comparison of these two products? Do they both have the same "punch" meaning I could buy levenger pre-punched paper, but use the rollabind punch for my other papers (I am looking at cost between the two punches). I guess I am trying to see if the two products can be intertwined.

nay nay

The same product, I believe

They list Levenger's as the High End Stationary Products retailer.

Thx ygor!

Nice catch - I appreciate the help ygor! :)

nay nay


I am pretty invested in the Levenger circa system having purchased the punch, calendar, paper, tabs etc etc. My mistake was purchasing the leather folder on EBAY. The snap is weak and Levenger wont replace the product. I can sort of understand why, but it still leaves me with a weak product supporting $$$$$ purchases.

Does anyone know if *any* leather folder could be used for a circa notebook? I would think that the spine would just have to have room enough for the disks.

I also purchased the portable punch from rollabind, which I will eventually sell, since I got the one from Levenger. The portable one is good for about 3 sheets of paper at a a time.

i purchased the Staples products (southern Calif) as well, but I believe they went to clearance and are gone.

New Levenger User

Hey Gang!

I am like many of you and have changed my "planner system" a BILLION times! I have boxes full of binders, notebooks, paper and all different sizes. I have been looking at Levenger products for years and kept telling myself it may be the perfect idea, but it is also out of my price range. Well, I guess I finally realized that if I would have bought the product when I first thought about it, I probably would have saved hundreds as I would not have bought all the other "junk" I have!

So, today I received a compact circa notebook and a junior sized circa notebook. The compact for my personal stuff and the junior for my office stuff. I also purchased the Rollabind punch as it was cheaper. It is a crazy little contraption, but seems to be working well. I can now confirm that these two products can be used together!

I am so excited I received all of this today as I have the next four days off of work, so there will be plenty of time to PLAY! :)

I am sure I will have more to report next week and hopefully will have a picture to add to the gallery!

Happy Turkey Day to all you crazy Turkeys! Gobble, Gobble!

nay nay

Playing w/ paper

Congrats, nay nay! Did you get the leather binders, or just the notebooks with the plastic covers? If you got the leather ones, I would appreciate a review and some pics of the compact size... it keeps tempting me...

Is it totally geeky to love playing with bits of paper and hole punches and pens?



Well Sarah, if it is geeky to enjoy playing with all of these paper products, then I am definitely a GEEK! But, I am okay with that! Especially since I have all of you around to make me feel "normal!" :)

I did not get the leather, just the plastic covers. I have decided that if I use this system for ALL of 2007, then I will reward myself with the leather binder.

If I continue on the path I have been on for the past ten years or so, I will be using a completely different planner in a couple weeks and then I would have really wasted $ on the leather!

So, I hope to stick to this so that I can buy the leather next year!

nay nay

In love with Levenger!

Hey Gang,

Well, I spent the weekend organizing my Levenger Notebooks. I bought the compact size for my personal stuff and a Junior size for the office. And.... I LOVE 'EM! I used to make a spiral notebook which worked well except that I like to move stuff around and/or add stuff. So, I was constantly unspiraling and respiraling my notebook and it got annoying. So, I finally ordered the Levenger stuff and it is working great! I also purchased the hole punch from Rollabind and it is working great as well!

Note to Sarah - I actually like the plastic covers because when I am running errands or shopping, I can move the to-do list to the front inside cover, so that I can see my list through the plastic cover. That way I do not have to page through my notebook!

Well, I am sure I will post some pictures although there is not much to see - just two Circa Notebooks!

Just thought I would put my two cents in about this product! If you have any questions about it, let me know!

nay nay


Cool, nay nay! You're making me want to Circa-ize my planner again! How do you carry pen(s) - separately or did you make your own pen holder?


Carry Pens

I carry the pens separately. I guess I have so many that I like to use, I carry a bunch! I wouldn't mind figuring out a way to attach a loop though. I will think about this and let you know of any brainstorms... Although, I am still in a turkey-induced comma, so it may be a few days. LOL :)

nay nay

Pen Holders

Here are some pics from flickr that have neat ideas for pen holders!



The flickr photos are good for generating ideas, but I'd go for a different ribbon material, honestly. That would be a nice excuse to go find a good craft store and peruse the floral/ribbon department. You could find something appropriately funky/upscale/subdued/shiny/bright for your mood and buy just a yard of it to play with. That would be plenty to make a couple of mistakes as well as a good one. :)

If you're feeling cheap, you could just cut yourself a three or four inch long rectangle of paper (perhaps folded into three layers for strength and appearance), form a loop, and glue the ends to the inside cover of whatever book or envelope you're carrying..You might have to replace it from time to time but it would hold anything that has a clip and you could make it just the right size for your favored writing tool. Heck, you could make two loops--one for the front cover and one for the back, and make your pen the 'lock' that holds your pages closed.


Homemade pen holder for binder

I finally posted a pic of my homemade double pen holder here.