Atoma: A Rollabind alternative?

I popped in a college bookstore near my house and found disc-bound index and fobster size card sets from Atoma, which is a Netherlands-based company. Their website is at and their US-based distributor is Myndology at The 3x5 cards were $3.59 and the fobster size cards were $2.59. I did not see any kind of punch. They seem to want to sell refill cards. I think the Rollabind punch will work.

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Those look good for school kids (or those who want a lot of color). Hard to tell if the discs are of the same quality as Levenger/Rollabind.

Thanks for the link. I think as this type of binding gets more popular, prices will go down a bit. I like them enough that I'm wanting to publish our church's new members lessons with them so they can add notes as they see fit.


I strongly suggest not to order anything at Rollabind anymore
this company has cheatet me so terribel they charged me more than 1000 USd last year to deliver my with PBS500 Punches but I never have seen the punches and still fighting with them to get my money back. Jack Feldmann the owner of the company is a layer and will not keept his promisses. - hand off from this company . Andy

Great find!

ShutterCat! This is a great find - thanks for sharing the link!

nay nay

Looks like a Rollabind clone, but...

I went all over the Atoma web site and could find nothing about buying punches or disks.

I have a Rollabind punch, and I have ordered two Atoma items from Myndology for comparisonn and curiosity. Nice site. Shipping is $5 (appears to be a flat rate) and they let you pay thru PayPal.

I'll report in when I get them

Atoma a clone?

The original Atoma notebook was first produced in 1948.
But Adoc Systems (a clone of Atoma) has a compatible punch see


Ouch...MSRP on the punch was nearly $600. I guess they want you to purchase their refills.

The two systems aren't compatible though. I read it somewhere but the Atoma/ADoc is a bit different in measurement than Circa/Rollabind.

Guess I'll have to order from the website in the next few weeks to check it out for myself. I haven't had any luck finding the cheaper Rollabind books at the Target stores around my area.


Sorry, I missed That price. I bought there 'cheaper' 40$? punch years ago, but it is not in the catalog anymore. I guess it is simply to expensive to produce a good punch with 12 angular precision cut outs.

And yes the form differs, Atoma/Adoc has a nearly T shaped hole with a less rounded top.

Rolodex anyone?

Target Style Rollabind

The Target in my area (Minnesota) only carried their version of the rollabind during the school shopping time. So, I didn't buy one the first time I saw it there and by time I went back, they were gone. I have checked to see if they have restocked, but nothing so far. I couldn't find anything on their website either. We both my have to go right to the source to buy this system! :( spendy, but it sounds like it will be worth it!

nay nay

disc bound hole punch

i contacted myndology and they said they planned to have a punch for the 6.5" x 8.5" journal size book by june or so ..i want to punch a divider sheet or two and a pen holder ...


I have been using Circa and Rollabind products interchangeably for nearly 3 months now and I have not encountered problems with compatibility. Paper sizing is only a problem when I use 8.5" X 11" paper, Rollabind and Circa papers are slightly larger. I purchased 4 of my Rollabind notebooks from Target (they had more subdued choices at my local store) and my punch, discs, and a junior notebook from Levenger. I've been well pleased with both brands, though the Circa has design features I prefer. There was an issue with the shipper of my Circa products (FedEx) and Levenger went above and beyond to make sure I received my products and ensued no further expense. The outstanding service I received is a big encouragement to order from Levenger again.


Anacora Imparo

Levenger Service

Yea, they are definitely known for their good service. That alone will bring customers even if the prices are a bit higher.

Joanna, do you use the portable punch or the more expensive one that looks like the standard 3-hole types? I noticed the cheaper one makes you line up paper and then put the punch into the slots to punch it. How does it hold up?

Thanks for the input.

The Punch

The Circa punch ,though expensive, is an abundance of metal, much larger than any three hole punch with an extraodinary heft. 8-9 pages (20#) are easily punched at a time or 3 sheets of card stock. It's quite durable and I anticipate years of service.

It is easy to use, though for non-standard papers you do need to consider the optimal placement of binding discs before you punch. I now have punch templates for the odd bits and pieces I use.

I choose not to purchase the portable punch. I now wish I had however as the the standard punch is at least three times the size and 5 times the weight of your average Target three hole punch so I cannot comment on the portable punch's utility. Though I think it may have use for my practice in the future.


Anacora Imparo

Got my Atomas: First Report

I got an index card size and a "fobster" size -- they look business card size to me.

The discs are similar to Rollabind/Circa but not exact. The punches in the paper are also slightly different. The Atoma punch is "T" shaped whereas the Rollabind punch is more mushroom shaped. That would describe the discs as well. The Atoma discs are flatter on the rim while the Rollabind discs are rounder.

On a happy note, they do appear to be interchangable, both punched paper and discs.

BTW, you think the Rollabind/Circa punches are expensive ? The ADOC System lists a punch here. Go look at the price. I have not seen a punch from Atoma.

You folks want pictures ?

Myndology vs Rollabind

I own samples of both Myndology (Atoma), Rollabind (from Staples website), and Circa (Levenger) notebooks. The Myndology is definitely not compatible with the Rollabind -- the holes are a distinctly different shape, Myndology being a half oval and Rollabind a half circle. You'd need a separate punch (Myndology only sells filler paper, not punches, but their cover colors are interesting...) As others have noted, the Rollabind and Circa are to all visible purposes the same as far as I can determine (except Levenger is more expensive and has notably higher paper quality). A new Staples store which opened in my area sells the Rollabind books, whereas a long established old one does not.

Unlike others, I find regular ring binders (i.e. classic size, 3-holes) to be more practical. The Rollabind has the nice feature of being more small and portable, like a spiral bound notebook, but I find the removal of the pages more awkward and error prone (but perhaps that's just my fat fingers, your mileage may vary).

Tried again

After ygor's post finding different results -- I tried yet again. I can get the Myndology and Rollabinds to fit but it's awkward from my taste, the Rollabind on the Myndology disks is loose and annoying, the Myndology on Rollabind disks is better, but it's tight and moving the pages provides more resistance - I guess I'd still say avoid mixing them.

First Conclusions - Just my opinion

It is a close call. I think they are both excellent product lines. I would not discourage anyone from buying either brand.

However, I believe I will stick with Rollabind/Circa on the grounds of more flexibility. I was able to buy one of the desktop punches from an online vendor and the discs are also available from lots of online vendors.

If Atoma had a similar punch available, it would be a much tougher choice. I like having the freedomn of using whatever stock I choose for my planners. Besides, I am frugal (read: cheap like a Scot) and I am reluctant to pay for the pre-punched pages.

I agree with hblanchard's comment about mixing the two products. It is possible, but less that totally comfortable.

That's my $0.02

I have a couple of Levenger

I have a couple of Levenger notebooks, and I also have the Rollabind Crafter's Kit.I wanted to be able to make more notebooks and get the assorted binding discs, and hand punch that came with this kit. The discs used in the Crafter's Kit are not the same quality as Levenger's!!! I am so disappointed!!!

I just wish

they were from the Netherlands. They are from Belgium, and nowhere to find here in the Netherlands. On their website they mention two mail adresses for suppliers for the Netherlands, but one bounces and the other doesn't reply after three mails. So I have decided not to look at all the circa/rolla/atoma posts here since they only make me jealous. I will stay with paperblanks/moleskine/clairefontaine for now, maybe a filofax later.

Can I offer my services?

There is a supplier here in Poland, on our "eBay" clone, that has been offering the desktop ollabind punch for about 10€, together with 420 1/4" rings, 420 1/2" rings, and 360 or so 3/4" rings. This kit would be enough to keep you going for quite a while. I've already purchased a couple for others on this list (forgive me, Reepicheep and Judyofthewoods--but I gotta mention your names here). So, if you are interested, and have Paypal, send me a private message via my contact page, and we can discuss the details.

And this offer extends to any Euro-based fellow-circa-envious on this forum. I'm not keen on opening this up to everybody, but if I can help somebody get addicted--er, I mean, if I can help someone become more productive, I will help if I can. :-)

So, just PM me, and we can figure out how to go about it.


No problem with the service

Jon's service and attitude are excellent; defintiely a man to be trusted. Always kept me updated with what was going on.

I've been using my new Rollabind stuff for proof-reading a 5,000 word dissertation due next week. Improved my proofing technique 1000-fold; will write this up with pictures (?) after next week when the dissertation and a further 3,500 word essay have been handed in.

The only issue Europeans might encounter is the postage costs. However, even with shipping it from Poland to London my new Rollabind punch and those 1,200 discs cost me less than driving a hundred miles round trip to one of the few UK stockists to buy a punch on its own. Add the discs in and I saved about £150 (about US$300 or €250 at today's exchange rates).

Desk punch

I ordered my punch later, so have not received it yet, but I can join Reepicheep in saying that Jon has been very helpful, and has kept me up-to-date. Jon only asked for the cost price, but I think its only fair to add something for his effort, in case he is too shy to ask (I did suggest he should request a handling fee). That still makes it a much, much cheaper punch than what it would cost from a trader in this country or having it shipped from the US. And that's not even counting the 1320 rings that are included!

Please do...

Such a deal or better for the punch, along with the rings... if the offer is still valid, please contact me ASAP re details. Thanks very much!!!

No longer available!

Sorry to bring up an old thread, but somehow, Google keeps finding this, and I keep getting requests to buy more of these Rollabind punches. Unfortately, the seller no longer wants to see these things outside of Poland. He's basically selling them at a loss to try to interest people in their real product--the rings, and paper. So, this deal is no longer available. Sorry.

P.S. How come I can't edit my original post? Was it written during one of the contests? or are super-old posts not editable? I would love to delete my original post, or at least edit it, but I can't. :-( Sorry.


atoma Puch

Can you sell me (or tell me who)an atoma A4/A5 Punch??
in a good price??


Jaime Reguero

rollabind clone?

Hi, I was reading the comments and have been eyeing different punch systems all year. I am a student so my budget isnt what you'd call expansive so I've been hesitant to drop some money on one. How much would you be able to get a punch/kit for? and in total after shipping it to me in California, USA? I think it's great that your supporting other people's productivity aspirations.


Not cheap

Myndology is probably the only retailer in America for Atoma. The punch is $145 and often out of stock.

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)

works for me

I had also heard that the two were incompatible, but I now own both (just got my Circa Junior!) and it actually seems like the pages would work OK together.

I haven't done a lot of swapping, but a test sheet of Atoma paper does fine in my Circa, as does a Circa page in my Atoma.

Also, my Atoma pages are a high-quality paper like the Circa.

Aren't the smurfs different?

From what I've read, the smurfs on the pages are different enough between the two systems that they are effectively incompatible. What would clinch it, I think, is seeing a close-up photo of the smurfed edge of Atoma and Circa paper. Ring diameter isn't really a factor, but if the shape of the holes is significantly different, then I would not expect much compatibility love between the two.

Can you take such a side-by-side picture?


Here are a couple pictures of the two pages together.

Like I said, I've really just played with this a bit, but I don't see why it wouldn't work. YMMV.


That shows me a lot -- this is a good illustration of the different cross-sections of the rings.

Given the lack of an affordable Atoma punch, I think I'll stick with my Rolla/Circa setup, although the wooden Atoma rings would look excellent with a leather cover.

Give it a shot!

Wooden rings would look awfully nice with Levenger leather covers! If you're thinking about a Circa leather notebook, it might be worth a try to see if your rings fit it.

wooden rings

Might perhaps be worth checking with a woodturner who does small items in dense wood, see if they can turn out some rings. Though it could be a bit expensive for a full-size binder with lots of rings.


I'll talk with my BIL when I see him next month... Interesting....

Hi, I hust recieved a

I hust recieved a newletter from a German store where you can order (and see, of course) the Atoma desk punch. Only drawback is its price: 98 €.

ATOMA punch @ Manufaktum

Not in English

Thanks for the link. Might prove useful as a (slightly) cheaper alternative to Rollabind. However, the UK subsidiary of that company doesn't seem to list the Atoma punch.

Not compatible enough to interchange

I have to say I'm really frustrated with the Myndology stuff. My notebooks are floppy, not stiff like Levenger covers and the pages really are not interchangeable, especially at the letter size. Even if the smurfs work, it's 10 rings instead of 11, so they don't line up well. Also, if you score these 20% off coupons for Levenger, the Myndology stuff isn't that much less expensive, if at all. I'm going to stick with Circa.

I just LOVE

the Myndology basic paper, but there isn't much in the way of accessories. I haven't found Myndology to be very compatible with Circa. Maybe Levenger will start making recycled, fountain-pen friendly, cream-colored paper with soy-based inks. To top it off, they could make discs out of recycled glass. To die for.

atoma punch at manufactum

Has anybody tried this? The price is now up to 119€ and as the punch weights 2Kg the postage is going to be high as well.

On the description it's written it punches up to 4 sheets, isn't that a bit too low?

And yet, I am seriously thinking of ordering it. Crazy, yes, I know, no need to tell me.

atoma punch

I have used this for a while and yes, it is only comfortable punching 4 sheets. I noticed the mydnology site says their punch can do up to 10 pages but I'd be very surprised, as the punch looks identical.

Thats what I said in a

Thats what I said in a recent post a company soo old in europe wouldn't last long if its products where shitty.

Proud owner of a Newton 2100

Ooooh these notebooks look

Ooooh these notebooks look cool and attractive. I mean the covers look nice and so do the disk. I think the paper will be nice a company this old from europe wont make shitty products and still be in the market. I think Ill have to order some of these.

Proud owner of a Newton 2100



Atoma is not a Dutch Netherlands based company but a real Belgian company who invented this Atoma concept 60 years ago. They are great and I did grow up with them. Unfortiunately I was not able to find any of their products here in the US based upon letter format.

Have you tried...

Myndology is the US distributor for Atoma --

And we have Jason of Myndology as a forum member

"I think the surest sign that there is intelligent life out there in the universe is that none of it has tried to contact us." (Calvin and Hobbes/Bill Waterson)