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I have an account at this site and cannot figure out how to post a comment. I can easily submit new topics, but cannot comment on what others say. Can you tell me how to do this?

Dummy Nay Nay :)

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"Add New Comment"

At the bottom of each Article or Forum Post, there whoudl be a link that says "add new commment". (On this post, I'm seeing the link immediately underneath your signature.) Clicking this should allow you to reply.

If you don't see any link, some troubleshooting may be in order. Which browser are you using? Do you have any strage settings or extenstions?

I'm Crazy...

I swear that link was not there before. Maybe I wasn't logged in correctly or something?? I'm not sure, but now I see it and it is obviously working! Thanks LindaJeanne! :)

When you're not logged in...

Yup-- when you're not logged in, it's not there-- there's a link inviting you to either "log in or register" instead.

The "Post New Forum Topic" link IS there when you're not logged in-- it just makes you log in before it will actually post the item.

So kind of like the noise a car makes everywhere EXCEPT at the mechanic's garage, the link probably DID appear right after you posted the question =^)