DIY Ver 3 in Compact Size

I'm an engineer who runs around a large manufacturing plant all day. I love using the Hipster but also created my own skinny compact sized Franklin Planner by taking various Franklin Planner compact filler pages, making my own heavy weight artistic and laminated covers (10mil)and getting the whole thing spiral punched at OD. I keep about 3 weeks of 2 page per day filler sheets, plus other forms bought or made. Then every 3 weeks, I remove the spiral, load the next 3 weeks from the sriral punched years worth, and re-install the same spiral. Small, thin, customized, and very portable. It travels like a waiter holds the check book, in the small of my back tucked in my waistband, so my hands stay free and it's not too big/bulky to sit there. You can re-use the same spiral several months if you remove it with care.

Now on to my question.. how can I, or could someone else, convert the whole DIY ver. 3 2-up classic set to compact sized? I'd love adding these and Franklin makes blank compact sheets 2-up sized and it would be nice if I could print right to those or that size 2-up on 8.5x11 card stock and cut my own. Any suggestions or offers?

Also, if your looking for XXF roller ball/gel pens for those hipsters, head to jetpens dot com for some 0.18mm and larger in all kinds of great colors. I love the Hi-Tec C in 3mm and Uniball in 0.28mm. They don't stock that small at office supplies in the US but jetpens imports direct.

Thanks in advance... Carla

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Have you considered...

Have you considered the hPDA 3.0 4-up set? Those are the 3"x5" version of the forms.

Or if that's too small (I forget what size "compact" is) you could use the image version of the 3.0 hPDA and scale it up-- which would probably work better than scaling the larger forms down.

Compact Size

Compact is 4.25" wide x 6.75" tall. Same height as a filofax but wider. 3x5 would be too small, Filofax is closer. When you say scale it up, I assume I'd have to take the image file version and re-scale it in a grahics program like photoshop? Is that correct?

Thanks... Carla

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Or - if you create a

Or - if you create a printing template in a word processor program, like MS Word, or Star Office, you can rescale the images once you've inserted them. :)