Buzan-Stype Mind Maps

This thread http://www.diyplanner.com/node/1175 has re-ignited my interest in Tony Buzan's Universal Personal Organiser [sic] which he describes in his book "The Mind Map Book" but which no longer seems to be for sale.

I've never seen the planner in person, but I've tried to reconstruct forms that will work with the system based on the mention in the book, and the discussion and links in the afore-mentioned thread.

The current forms are Letter sized-- I may make a Classic sized later, after playing around with the letter sized forms for a while. I'm uploading this in editable Spreadsheet format, to make it easy for others to make improvements.


BuzanStylePages_Letter.zip25.45 KB
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Universal Personal Organiser

many thanks to all who replied....i have now located and obtained a copy of this planner. If you wish to know more about it LindaJeanne let me know...


Dr. Robby Yes please. As I

Dr. Robby
Yes please. As I indicated earlier , As a professor for psy i teach my students to utilize Buzan method

universal personal organiser

I came on this thread looking for this organiser. Could you let me know where you found it? Thanks.

Buzan mindmapping

Dr. Robby
1 - I have been using his method for years . Great system , utilize more functions and sites of the brain then other methods. usefull for creativity.

linda - I tried to download your attachement. Could not open it . Can you help out.

Need help downloading


I am having difficulty downloading the Buzan information too. What is an .ods document? I am so looking forward to getting to see it!

Thank you,

Sally herr


ODS is an Open Office Spreadsheet file. Open Office is an open source (i.e. free) subsitute for M$ Office.


This is the main link:

Portable Open Office is a bit easier to install, especially on work machines where you may not have admin-install permissions:

Also useful in Microsofto-only shops

I use PortableApps all the time when I'm at client sites. At home I use exclusively open source products (even operating systems). When I have to use a Windows machine at a client site I'm frustrated by the idiocy of much user-interface denial in MS products so I have a USB memory stick with PC versions of everything from home (OpenOffice.Org, The GIMP, Firefox, Thunderbird, GNUcash, etc). Running everything off and saving information back to the stick is frustrating at times.

The portable versions of many open source products is fast. Faster than a clean install and faster in actual use --- despite the stuff needing to be uncompressed from the stick.