HELP*** Levenger Circa Compact - I want to cover my Compact Agenda, but I do not want to spend $70 plus shipping

Does anyone know of another product that I can used to cover my Compact Agenda from Levenger. This is an experiment on using this product, so I don't want to get to carried away.

They have quit carrying the folio and I have searched eBay.

Any suggestions?


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How about...

this ?

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Still looking for Compact cover?

Are you still looking for a compact size cover? I have a new zip folio in lavender, still in its box. Let me know.

p.s. I probably have compact accessories also. I know I have a bunch of the graph papers. Can always add them in box if interested.

i sewed a pencil loop onto a stretchy book cover

it's nice-looking, marbled fabric and shiny - but it is too slippery to grip at times, because it's really smooth fabric.
It would look somewhat better, and these things are all over. (mine's the junior size, though, so you need the paperbook back size instead of the textbook size I think)

I have a saddle compact

I have a saddle compact folio if you're interested. I can take a photo if that would help. I'd like to get $20 for it.

Is it the zip around? Or the foldover?

A picture would be great - if the other person isn't interested, i may be.


I am sorry I am just now seeing this post. :( I'm happy to take a photo. I'll get on that ASAP, and put it on my flickr page.

Circa compact

Ok, I'm looking at the box, and I see that it says circa pocket folio in Toffee. I have original box and Levenger cloth, but no inside notebook. You can see my photos here:

Hope this helps