Circa 3x5 notebook

It appears that Circa has released a 3x5 notebook. See the Circa website or follow this link:


Here's the text:

Circa 3 x 5 Notebook Price: $12 Item:ADS3525

Keep 3 x 5 cards in your Circa notebook

With our Circa 3 x 5 Notebook, you can take notes on 3 x 5 cards, remove the pages and place them into any Circa notebook. The cards are perforated so you can easily remove them from the notebook. Comes with 40 pages of high-quality, ruled 3 x 5 cards. Durable, translucent plastic cover. 4 1/8"W x¾"D x 5¼"H.

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I cannot believe they just came out with this size! I just bought a new PaperBlanks Agenda book (like Moleskine), but would have definitely gone with Levenger instead. Oh well, I guess there is always next year. If anyone buys this circa brand, let us all know how it works for you!

Thanks for this update Laura!

nay nay

great...just great

now i'm going to have to buy one of these. i can't believe it took them this long, either. Levenger is so damn pricey, though. $58 for the Circa Jacket, compact. The Circa Translucent Notebook, Compact is $12, which is more reasonable. Wish I could send my International Pocket Brief (which I never use) back for credit.

sell it through the bazaar?

Or you could try to sell it through the bazaar...

I've been looking at those...

I had looked at those and may be interested in taking it off you hands if the price is right, Izzy. Give me a shout and let me know what you'd like for it (plus shipping to NY) and I'll decide. Is it virtually brand new then? Which color?

reese.laundry (at)


have you tried

mad izzy: have you tried calling/emailing Levenger? It says on their site/packing slips that they will let you return anything if not 100% satisfied (and no time period limit was listed). Worth a shot.

I like the Circa line, just bought a "CircaImagine Junior" (on sale for $12) to see if I want to invest in one of the leather covered ones and all the refills/dividers/add ons

Mad Izzy's dilemma

CodeGirl is correct.

Mad Izzy: Please drop me a line. I'd like to make it right.


thanks for your comments. i've dropped rasmussen a note and hope to get my hands on a new circa 3x5 soon.

You'll like it...

mad izzy:

You won't be disapppointed!

Just got one...

I just got my hands on this little gem and I can tell you that I love it already! Translucent covers to keep your notes safe, five 1/2" rings, and that lovely Levenger paper we all like so much. It measures three and a half by five inches. The extra half inch is for the rings. Each card is perforated and can be cleanly removed. As far as adding your own 3x5 cards, this is no problem, but they will be a little short because of that extra half inch. No big deal. Things I wish it came with? A pocket in the back for loose cards, and tabs.

Thanks to Ryan and Andy for letting me try this out. I promised you feedback and I'll be contacting you shortly.

P.S. I just became an official Levenger convert...bought a punch and notebook from the Levenger web site. There is no classier way to keep your notes organized.

-- Laura

I recently came across two

I recently came across two Circa notebooks I bought several years ago that are 4 x 6, approx. They called it "Memo" size. I liked the size, but it wasn't carried long, apparently.

I had gone on a quest to find refills that would fit, yet be fountain pen friendly.
The closest I found, apparently was an Ampad "Pastels" notebook. 170 ruled sheets, 4" x 6", 5 assorted pastel colors. #19476
The paper fits the notebook well. The biggest drawback is that there is an almost 1" margin on the top of the page. And it is "wide ruled", but that's good if you write large, I guess.

That's a long way to say "I wish Levenger would make this size available again."

4x6 size


I'm sorry Levenger no longer carries that size. Please drop me a line. I'd like to share the substitute you found with more customers in the same boat that contact us [Levenger] directly.