Looking for a good source for blank Filofax paper

Hi Folks,


Looking for a good source of blank filofax (95mm X 171mm, 3.75in X 6.75in) online or
around Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.


I am new posting here but have been lurking around this site ever since I got started with GTD more then two years ago. I am still far form the "black belt" level on GTD but I home to give another push at it this year.

I have decided to stick with my filofax personnal agenda. I really really really would like if the D*I*Y planner 3.0 was available on my format of choice.

BTW, anybody knows the proper description to give to this paper format? Of course when I tried to Google for Filofax paper I got inondated with Filofax and Agenda supplies hits. Is the standard for those sheets in metric or in inches

Ma love affair with paper BTW great resource Doug. Thanks. The people posting are very nice too. I find the signal/noise ratio quite good.


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Day Timer makes the same

Day Timer makes the same size paper. Go to their site and search for item number 20584. 200 sheets with two pages per sheet for 15.99.

Filofax calls this size Personal, Day-timer calls it Pocket if wire-bound and portable if loose-leaf.

Time Design calls them Compact, 500 sheets for 27.99, and 100 sheets for 6.99.

Also, there are already some Filofax Personal size templates here--
and there are other templates--just scroll down the Templates page and watch for the Other sizes.

Filofax paper

The filofax paper is also available at thedailyplanner.com--it's the actual Filofax brand.

Search for item #930200.