Less Expensive Alternatives to the Levenger Card Bleachers

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I tried those links but both

I tried those links but both gave me 404 errors.
These may work instead:
Curved wooden card holders (set of 2) for $7.49
Three Tier Card Holder Personalized (set of 2) for $4.89

Great find!

Whatever works. Great !!

I am confused by the problem you had with the links, but as long as the information got through, my confusion is of no matter.

More info, less confusion. Thanks for the alternate links.

Here's another..

Haven't bought this, and it actually looks really easy to make if you've got tools and wood..


I like the stepped design.


Here are some slick plastic ones that are cheap!


I bought 2, they work great... I use 3x3 scancards, but I have tried 3x5 cards and they work fine as well. At less than $10 each you can't beat it.

Board perhaps?

Only half facetiously I suggest a cork board and push pins (you can avoid puching holes in cards with large head pins or clips). The advantage, besides expense (most cubes or offices have them), it avoids that huge footprint on your desk. I don't and wouldn't use a system like this, so take my suggestion with a grain of salt. Maybe this would be a use for those post-it stickable index cards, and use a wall surface?

How about a pinless noticeboard?

Have you heard of gripping-stuff? They produce a pinless noticeboard which may work if you don't want holes in your cards. It uses low adhesive glue (similar to post it notes) on both sides of felt so you can stick it to a wall or filing cabinet and then stick things to it without using nails or pins.

It looks like they've got a new product out as well which is a narrow roll of gripping stuff which will fit on the edge of a monitor.

I don't use any of these products at work because I am in a hot desking office, but I have several of the dry erase items at home.

gripping stuff

Hey that's pretty neat stuff. Thanks for the links!

A cheap and cheerful

A cheap and cheerful DIY solution (albeit a little silly sounding):

Take a paperclip and bend it in half at a right angle, and stick down to the desk with some blue tack, so that the card will slot in between the two parts of the paperclip sticking up. Quick, easy to rearrange or remove. Of course, it doesn't quite look at pretty as wooden bleachers, but it works to stand your cards up on the desk (or on the wall if you don't bend the paperclip).

Even better..


Even better than a bent paperclip with tape is an unmodified 1.25" binder clip!

Fold out the silver levers so they stick straight out from the black part of the clip, close together. Then turn the clip over so the 'wide' part of the clip is down and the silver levers are up. Set the clip on your desk and slide a card between the two silver levers. You don't actually have to clip the card, the 'arms' are tense enough to hold one or several cards without clipping. If you get clips of different sizes, or have small boxes or other containers on your desk, you can have bleachers.

They actually look sharp, since they're black and silver (new ones, anyway). They go nicely with the black and white DIY motif. You have a basically unrestricted view of the entire card and you can rearrange it anywhere on your desk, and when it's time to move on, it's just a few extra clips in a box if you want to take them along at all.

Note: I tried this with some dinky-weeny clips I had, and they weren't heavy enough to be reliable. For the unfamiliar, "dinky-weeny" clips are 3/4 inch.

Clips come in a box of 12, so you can arrange 12 cards upright easily. Maybe this isn't quite as cheap as paperclips, but there's no sticky tape gunk on your nice desk. You can blow them over with a breeze, though, so mind your open windows.


Not so cheap but still cheerful

The paperclip idea is so good that someone is making very big versions (6" x 3.5").

big paperclip note stand
(I found the stationery site above while 'surfing' and I have no connection to them.)

Atomic Age substitue for bleachers

5 telescoping arms and still cheaper than the bleachers
Sputnik Memo/Photo Holder

It seems the less I look, the more I find...
Oh Dear!


I have the bleachers and

I have the bleachers and love them--I especially like the holes for holding pens, pencils and blank cards in the back. Keep your eyes open for some of Levenger's fantastic sales.