Ink blot on Circa Leather Foldover

I have spilt black ink on my beautiful magenta Circa foldover leather planner with the result that the top right corner has a big dark blue blot that just refuses to go away. I have tried leather cleaner/conditioner, soap + water, etc but I think the leather has just taken in the black ink and gotten dyed! Am about to use nail polish remover but fear that the original color will also go off. Any suggestions? On top of that Levenger is no longer stocking the magenta leather foldover and even the nice new blue foldover is out of stock.

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Ask a dry cleaner or shoe repair shop ?

I would hope that shops like that would know about un-staining leather.

Good luck.
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We have used hairspray to remove ballpoint marks off our leather lounge in the past. Spray onto a soft cloth and rub gently. Not sure how it would work with regular ink though as I suspect it has soaked in whereas ballpoint ink is more likely to be on the surface.

I have also heard but not verified that Isopropyl Alcohol aka rubbing alcohol also works. Pour a small amount onto a soft cloth and blot at the stain starting at the edges. DO NOT RUB.

Test on small inconspicious spot first and repeat as necessary.

As well as Ygor's suggestions, try a furniture shop/repairer. Good luck.

Bob H.


thanks for your suggestions

leather stain removal

There are some hints here

However, most of them appear to be for superficial marks on polished leather and not soaked in liquid ink stains.

So, instead of removing it you could cover it. Perhaps some nice brass or silver coloured corner protectors on your cover, giving it a slightly fancier look. You can get them from scrapbooking suppliers, and some craft stores.

Thanks all- am exploring all

Thanks all- am exploring all the options- the dry cleaner meanwhile has given up. So am seeing whether I get some other leather stitched up as a border or get a corner protector as suggested.