My creative process/intuition anti-time based planning system

Pics to follow when I get a new camera. My system right now is a roll a letter size folder that fits my iPad perfectly in the pocket. I have roughly thirty sheets or so at most and the most important page in my planner is this one: my quad.

I have heavy paper, at least 30lbs, cream colored ( I especially like the recycled or speckled kind)
I have around twenty boxes, on inverted graph paper which I printed for free ( google free printable graph paper). Its basically a 4x5 box grid. The boxes change title frequently so I leave the title sections blank and write them in, and the to dos vary from small projects to big tasks but they are organized in this fashion:
Long overdue
Career related
Deadline driven
This month
This week
Next week
Soul searching
Soul sucking
Soul enriching
Daily maintenance
Weekly maintenance
Want to eliminate ( could be habits, people, stuff)
Low effort, high output, low energy

Things that are projects get a little p next to them, computer stuff gets an o, etc.
Daily maintenance usually includes things like meditation, yoga etc.
Soul sucking = I try to put a soul enriching item in my calendar prior to this.
Weekly maintenance - groceries, reading a book, calling a relative etc.
Want to eliminate : rose of Sharon bush in backyard, my leadership role in a certain organization, my habit of assuming i don't need to write things down
Deadline driven/time sensitive: articles, groupons, project steps, etc.
Bureaucracy: customer service calls, dealings with people of high authority etc. I try to cushion these activities with something creative, enriching or empowering.

Many of these activities get pushed to my digital calendar, since I don't keep a paper calendar, as this system is the antichrist of time based planning systems. Most of the time my priorities are all mixed up, and cant be arranged on the calendar in a linear fashion or given a timeframe, my life requires constant flexibility and is always changing. This is more or less my go-to anytime I finish one activity I kind of get to pick from my smorgasbord of tasks for the next right action.

Now, there is also a system for my projects, which are cross referenced, my budgets, future goals, brainstorming, etc but that will be for another post and when I have my camera so it's not so confusing.

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