Special Moleskine Deal for DIYPlanner Visitors

An idea I've been mulling these past few weeks is to invite certain businesses to offer specials for DIYPlanner visitors. Today, we have our first.

I've been looking around for a good price on Moleskines lately, and --after bemoaning the cost of shipping to Canada with most businesses (one eBayer, just over the border, wanted $42 to ship a pocket-sized Moleskine here!)-- I landed on Phoe_Line. She has some of the best prices I've seen, and she charges postage at cost. To make the matter sweeter, I've asked her if she would consider giving discounts to our visitors, and she's agreed to $5 off the first order of $10 or more, and what I consider to be an excellent deal on shipping, especially if you live in the US. (Remember to give her the code "DIY".) She's an eBay Power Seller with a 99.9% positive rating.

You can find here offer in the Bazaar forum.

If any other businesses would like to offer special deals to our members, please email me at diyplanner [at] gmail dot com. I don't want to crass-commercialise this whole undertaking, but I like the idea of passing along pertinent bargains to our community. (And no, we don't get a cut of this deal. ;-) )

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I recently just ordered from

I recently just ordered from her myself. Wish I would have came across this website before hand.