1/2" binder rings

Does anyone have a source for 1/2" binder rings? I can't find them at Office Depot, Staples, etc., only the 1" ones. I'd like to try the smaller rings for an hPDA.


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I found a "multi-pack" of rings at OfficeMax. It contained numerous different sizes including the 1/2". This is the only way I have seen the 1/2" rings.

Try a hardware store

(You are talking about loose rings, right?)

My local hardware store (an independent associated with Ace, if that makes a difference) has both split and, um, hinged(?) rings in about 8 sizes.

Bonus: they're sold from bins so you can buy what you want instead of plastic packs with 25 of them.

Yep, the loose ones. Oooh,

Yep, the loose ones. Oooh, looks like a trip to Ace is in order today.

Thank you so much!