Ring binder for 3x5 cards?

Has anyone seen any ring binders for 3x5 cards? Or small ring binders that index cards will fit in? Thanks for any ideas.

-- Laura

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The only place I've seen

The only place I've seen them is Office Depot. They have several nice bright colors. I can't seem to find it listed on their website, but if I do, I'll post a link.

Another item that seems to be popular is the RingDex - Walgreens seems to have the best price.


They also have these index card file boxes, which I bought on sale at 3 for $1.98!


Ok, here's a

you can have mine if you want it

I have a little ring binder for 3x5 cards. It's just grey plastic, not anything fancy. But you can have it if you want it, for the cost of postage from Atlanta.

filofax and success

Index cards are almost the same size as filofax pocket and success junior papers. So I think index cards will fit in these binders too.