Quater Hour Daily Time Management

This is a time management form which I originally got from my coach from www.ladd.co.za I am ADD and I need to watch how I manage my time closely. This was created using the widget kit and Open Office Draw. Its still a work in progress, but hey! Isn't everything.

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A daily planner divided into 15 minute segment. There are three columns, Personal, Business, and Actual. Start your day by visualizing and planning the day, using the Personal and Business columns, thereafter fill in what you actually did during your day. I also review the day at the end of the day and fill in an earnings matrix to follow my sales.

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military time!

I cant read military time at a glance! i have to continually think and recalculate the time on the paper every single time i glance at it. is there a dl without military time for us fast-paced civilians?