Quick Tips: Five Fun Ways to Use the D*I*Y Planner Job Tracker Form

I figured it was time to break out the D*I*Y Planner forms and select another form, at random, and come up with 5 new ways to use it. So, this time... the lucky form is the Job Tracker form from the D*I*Y Planner Classic Pack. I picked the Job Tracker because it's late and I thought it'd be a challenging form to come up with 5 new unique ways to use it. So, let's see what things we can do with this form, shall we?

Detailed Trip Journal. Yes, I know that the latest form pack does contain a Trip Diary, but for me, there's not that many detailed fields for this form. You can transform this form into a log that tracks more details about a single place on your destination. Enter the name of the place you want to talk about on the Client field. Then use the dates to describe how long and when you visited it. Track your expenses down in the Expenses form. Use the Notes field to jot quick thoughts or keywords about the place and then use the Specifics field to journal or log all actives done in the location. You can even use this form in conjunction with the other Trip Diary to create a more vivid record of any voyage or trip made in the world.

Quick Invoice. Sometimes artists or performers require a quick way to submit invoices to a client. It takes time to design and create a nice looking invoice that captures all the details that are needed on an invoice for services or products purchased. And you know what? Many of those same fields are also found on the Job Tracker form. If you need an quick on-the-spot invoice for someone who's purchased that handmade journal for a present, why not use this form to catalog the activities and expenditures of that job. You can even give the Invoice a number with the # field.

Bill of Materials. Home improvement buffs rejoice. Going along with the above suggestion, you can use the Job Tracker form to keep track of all the materials and costs associated with your latest deck project or home upgrade. Use the Client line to give the project a title and use the various fields to keep track of where and when and how much you purchased the materials for.

Photography Roll Log. Use this form to capture the details of film rolls. Photojournalists who use "old fashion" film rolls can track their rolls by keyword/location and details and then document the specifics of what each picture on the roll was. Just list the name or location in the Client field and use the dates and notes fields to capture the timeframe of when the roll was used and what exposure and snapshot details that were used in creating each picture.

Wine Log. Wine (or food) connoisseurs can use this form to track individual or groups of vintages. Again, write down the name of the vineyard or brand and then use the cost and date fields to track the purchase's specifics. Then you can use the rest of the form to track taste or particularities of the drink or occasion. Or you can use the extra space to affix the label of the wine or vineyard down onto the page and keep a beautiful record of wines you enjoyed throughout your life.

Thanks for reading my latest foray into the Quick Tips creative re-visioning of the various D*I*Y Planner forms. If you liked this type of post, or know of other fun uses for the Job Tracker card, please register and post your ideas in the comments below.

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If I Could Turn Back Time....

My colleague and I use the Docket Time Template (Page 49 - 50 in the 1up Classic Pack) to track timewasters and delicious snacks respectively. Interestingly, I find I waste at least ten minutes a day checking her Form to see what she has just eaten. :S