Pens for Pants Pocket

My first post here ...

I've looked through the pen discussions, but i haven't seen one that discusses this.

I'm looking for a pen that will:
- live in my pants front pocket (tough ... have you seen the pocket size on women's jeans lately?)
- not leak
- ideally, fasten somehow to my Hipster binder clip
- not break
- have a fine point and dark ink
- not cost $$$ ($$ is ok, for a truly excellent pen)

So far, the choices look like the Bullet, which can't clip to my HPDA, or the INKA, which appears to be a puzzle to put together and only has a medium point.

What else will survive living in my pocket, next to my HPDA, PDA, and Swiss Army knife? [My keys live in my other front pocket.] I really do carry all this in my pockets; I need the stuff all the time and won't carry a bag around the house with me.

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Cross Fusion

Have you looked at the Cross Fusion or Ion pens? I've had one clipped to my keyring for months, and it takes a lot of beating.

Small pencil?

How about a small pencil, not exactly your request, but it satisfies 1 1/2 out of 5 of your requirements
1. does not leak
2. fastens - no
3. does not break - if it's small - it's cheap so if it does who cares?
4. fine point - under your control - dark 'ink' - maybe but maybe not dark enough
5. low cost

I'm thinking of those little 3 inch pencils you get with games or at Ikea, of course you can shorten a conventional pencil.

fisher space pen

by bullet, do you mean the fisher space pen bullet? that's what i carry in my pocket. it's definitely not hard to put together, and does have a clip.

it's pricey (like $12 at staples, $16 on this site) but is great pen for me to carry when i'm not wearing a dress shirt. i usually have my levenger pocket briefcase in my back pocket, and this in a front pocket.

Hm...I dunno

I used to use the Bullet, but I highly dislike that it writes pretty much like a regular ballpoint.

The Cross Ion doesn't look like it'll do it for me. I also carry a pen in my pocket at all times, and it's the thickness that matters for me. The Ion is too thick, and I don't really like how it looks...

I used to use G2s. I also used the Dr. Grip, which was very, very nice to use. Yes, I carried the thing in my pocket. Unfortunately, I lost it, and haven't replaced it...

I have just discovered the uniball signo 207 ink to be better than the G2 ink (at least the .5 mm tip). So right now, I carry the Uniball Premier 207 with regular 207 .5 mm ink. It's not too thick, at least for me, and writes very nicely.

Yafa Poquito

You might want to consider these. Franklin Covey has them for $6.95. I think OfficeMax or Office Depot also carry them. Less than 4" long and made of brass, with a clip.

I'm partial to the Pilot

I'm partial to the Pilot Precise V5 pens myself. They're technical pens (small tip), but have nice dark ink which shows up on almost anything. (The small tip actually helps me a lot, because my handwriting isn't the greatest.) They're 5 1/4" long, if that helps any.

Here's a pack of 12 at Office Depot. You can get different packs at Wal-Mart or Target. (I think a 4 pack is $5 or so.)

Mini pens

I don't know if any of these pens would suit you, but I found a page full of mini-pens