Buxton pocket business organizer

Staples carries the Buxton pocket business organizer, which seems to be perfect for a hipster PDA-type of set up. The Staples I visited only had two garish colors to choose from, so I passed for now. It doesn't appear to be available at the Staples.com web site.

Just a hint for anyone on the eternal search for the perfect 3x5 case...

-- Laura

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Not anymore

I looked at staples.com just now and they don't seem to carry it at all anymore.

Is this the same as the Buxton version of a pocket briefcase?

If this is this the same as the Buxton version of a pocket briefcase then check Ebay. I have seen them fairly recently for as little as $5.00 or $6.00 with shipping and handling. If this is actually something else could you describe it in more detail, including Buxton's official name for it so I can be on the lookout?

I love mine to death...

I have been using this item and another buxton notepad (also found at staples) for about a year now and I love them... See my other post on these gadgets... I carry the pocket briefcase everywhere (much to my wife's shagrin!) --RMG